Toddler Vaccination

Be informed about your toddler's vaccination schedules with our thorough guide on toddler vaccination.

Last Updated: Oct 22, 2020 06:25 GMT

Toddler Vaccination Articles

Toddler Vaccination

Vaccination is highly important for your child and also to support herd immunity. The American Association of Pediatrics has laid out a schedule for child vaccinations which parents are recommended to strictly follow. Until two years of age, there is going to be regular vaccination visits with your child. Post two years, the frequency of vaccination visits will come down.

Be aware of what vaccination is to be given to your toddler at every month or stage of your baby’s development. Know the side effects of each vaccination and how to handle them with your child.

Learn what will happen at your vaccination visit, how to go prepared, what dress to wear for your toddler for a smooth vaccination experience, and how to take care of your child post vaccination.