Toddler Development

Toddlerhood is a period of active growth and development. Learn here what happens in every stage of toddler development.

Last Updated: 23 October 2020

Toddler Development

A toddler undergoes enormous growth and development. We have listed out the major toddler developmental milestones and characteristic toddler behavior in our articles. You can also learn the red flags that you must aware of.

Every child grows at his or her own pace but the following are the most common milestones of toddler development.

By the first birthday, most babies can walk without support though they may still wobble in their movements. A delay in learning to walk by one or two months should not be a concern. However, if the child has shown no development in independent walking beyond 15 months, it s a red flag and requires a doctor’s consultation.

Toddlers can recognize a lot of words that you use every day. As they start to imitate your words, they slowly learn to talk. While it may take a while for them to speak a coherent sentence, most toddlers can speak words, two or three-word sentences and can respond to adult’s questions and conversations.

Another important accomplishment in a toddler development is becoming aware of nature’s call. If they have been habituated to diapers in their infancies, they’ll now begin to become self-aware of the urge to pee and potty.