Potty Training


It may seem next to impossible to potty train your little child. But it's only until you read our expert articles on potty training. We make sure potty training your child is made easy on these pages.

Last Updated: 22 October 2020

Potty Training

During your baby’s infant days, you could closely guess when he would turn over or when he would take his first step. However, unlike other developmental milestones, potty training age cannot be precisely predicted. Some kids show readiness to potty train at as early as 15 months, while most toddlers don’t get into the saddle until they turn two, or even three. Complicating your anticipation, your baby’s gender could also influence when to potty train your child. In general, girls are prepared for potty training earlier than boys of the same ages and in fact, can pick up the skill relatively faster.

You are quite close to taking that big step for your child now. The next question on your mind is how to potty train your kid? Though there are no written protocols for potty training, you must mentally adapt to some unsaid rules before you begin potty training for your child.

Even though you assumed your child was ready for potty training, you may come across setbacks in your child’s learning ability. Some children need to listen to an instruction for at least a month before they decide to put it to action one day, all of a sudden. Others learn the entire process, step by step, over several days. Irrespective of how your child learns, give him the time to absorb what is expected of him.

If you guessed by now, there is much to understand about potty training!

We provide you a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about potty training your child - signs your child is ready for potty training, when to start potty training, how to start, how to potty train a girl and a boy.