Triumph over Fear


Each and every one of us will be scared over something. The real challenge in life is how we overcome these small fears and succeed. As children grow up, we need to help our children triumph over fear and make their lives easy and comfortable. Lets see some simple steps that will help them triumph over fear.

Last Updated: 22 October 2020

Triumph over Fear
Triumph over Fear
How can I help my child?

Some children are born brave, while others need to be taught to become brave and confident. As a parent, you can make your child to overcome and triumph over fear. Here are a few things that you can try.

1. Understand you children

For a child, parents are the closest people who can solve any of their problems. Sit and spend time with your child and listen to them what is happening in their school, ask them about their friends and their daily routine outside the home. They will start telling you smaller things that you might have ignored. Spending time will help you learn what they are afraid of and also increase your emotional bond with them.


2. Think like a child

Sometimes you feel children are exaggerating things and you will doubt what is there to fear in this incident or issue. Go to a child’s world and start thinking like a child.


 3. Make it light

Create funny moments as much as you can. Once you learn they are afraid of something, explain them there is nothing to fear and make the moment light by inducing laughter by telling them a joke. 


4. Share your life experiences

Children will always be interested to hear your childhood days. Tell them what you were afraid of during your school days and how did you make efforts to overcome the fear. Tell them being brave is not the absence of fear but putting your fear aside.


     5. Do not compare

Try not to compare your child with other children. Every child is unique in their own way. When you tell that your neighbors’ child is brave, that will not help your child to become brave. Instead, they will develop jealousy over that kid.


     6. Come out of the comfort zone

Take your child out of the comfort zone. For example, if a child is afraid of rain and water, take them to a beach. Play with them and they will start enjoying the environment. If your child is afraid of dogs, let them realize that it is a pet animal and unless humans disturb animals don’t harm us.


      7. Face the FEAR:

Tell your child that FEAR is nothing but Facing Everything and Rising. Tell them that only when there are struggles and fears, they will evolve and grow up and learn new things in life.

Parenting is an art. It is our responsibility to make our children triumph over fear and make them come out with flying colors in their lives. 





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