Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Some of the joyous days that I could recall from my childhood days are rainy days. Rainy days gives us plenty of time to sleep and not to forget fun filled moments too. The possibilities of outdoors are rare during rainy season, but you can do a lot of activities at home. Here we have compiled some rainy day activities for kids. Have a glance.

Last Updated: 23 October 2020

Rainy Day Activities for Kids
Rainy Day Activities for Kids
Rainy Day Activities for Kids

One of the challenges a mother faces is engaging a kid with the right set of activities during rainy days. She cannot let her child outside to play and will be perplexed what can be done to make her child engaged. Here are few rainy day activities for kids that can be tried.

1. Hide and Seek: Though this is an age old game, but still it is the all-time favorite play for kids. You can use your whole home space and kids will be excited to catch you. Pretend a little to increase the excitement of your child.

2. Board activities: Board activities are the best way to make your whole family get involved.  This not only enhances the family time, but your kid’s concentration, memory power and analytical aptitude do improve significantly. Some of the classic board games are Scrabble, Pictionary, chess and monopoly.

3. Give them colors: You can explore the artist in your kid by simply giving them color crayons, sketches and pencils. They will also love to paint flower pots and can make leaf art. This enhances their creativity and originality.

4. DIY activities: There are a lot of Do It Yourself activities available in the market. You can teach them initially and they will start exploring it. DIY also includes teaching them small household repair works.

5. Scientific experiments: You can discover the Einstein or Newton in your little ones by allowing them to design simple science experiments. You can make them learn the fundamentals. If these activities inspire them, they will start trying an array of experiments.

6. Reading: Books are nearest and dearest friends, if you use it well. You can introduce a good book to your kid. This improves their language and attention.

7. Dance and music: Nothing will be so entertaining as dance and music. Have a dance party. Include your elder ones and friends as well. Do not forget to play musical chairs and freeze dance. This is the best physical exercise during the rainy days.

8. Cooking: You can make your kids engage in cooking. This is a great skill that strengthens the family bonding. They can bake desserts and cakes and will become junior chef.  Kids will start loving the mixing and shaking business.

9. Watch a movie: Most of our home theatre systems will be lying idle. Why don’t we use it for a family movie? Prepare some snacks that your kids love to have and start watching a movie.

10. Go out for a while: If it is a little rain with no storms and lightning, you can go out for a walk with your kids. Do some paper boats and have fun.

11. Yoga: You can help them learn bending and stretching activities by teaching yoga. It helps them practice balance, posture, and concentration.

12. Team work: You can make your kid accountable and responsible by involving them in tasks and chores to be done around the house. This includes any sort of work that requires planning and organization.

Make your rainy days memorable with your loved little ones.




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