Moving your Toddler into a new bedroom

Moving your toddler into a new bedroom requires a lot of planning and your toddler should feel comfortable in the new setting. Here are a few tips on how you can make this transition smoother and enjoyable for your kid.

Last Updated: 23 October 2020

Moving your Toddler into a new bedroom
Moving your Toddler into a new bedroom
Why to move toddler to a new bedroom?

Most children move from cot to bed during the age of 2 to 3.5 years. Well there are no standard guidelines on when and how this transition should happen. It all depends on you and the physical and mental health of your child. The following are the reasons for the transition.

·         Your child has started to climb out of the cot

·         To make toilet training easy for your kid during the night

·         You are planning for a new baby and you require the cot for the little one

Tips to make the transition easy

It will take a little time for the toddler to get adjusted in a new room. He might feel jealous and stressed that he has to leave his very own space for the new little one. Making him understand the transition and involving him in planning things for his new room can be interesting for him and he will start enjoying the transition. Here are a few tips to make the transition easier.

1. Create a slow move

Don’t rush yourself to move your toddler to a new room. Prepare him and let him know what is happening. There is no need to rush before your little one’s arrival. Take a few months’ time and engage him in planning for the new room. He should not feel jealous that someone else is going to take his space and love and care from you.


2. Create excitement

Discuss with him about how much space is going to be available for him and refer the old room as baby room so that he feels he has become big. Tell your child how proud you are as he is growing as a big kid.

Create a good ambience by moving all the treasured and familiar items like blankets, toys or whatever items your toddler loves to be kept in the new room. Let him have some daytime naps before a full time night sleep. Read a bedtime story in the new room and follow the bedtime routine schedule correctly.


3. Decoration

Give your toddler the liberty of choosing the furniture, paint color for the new room and the type of bedsheets, themes for the walls he requires. Place a family photo and some balloons and decoration for the first few days. Throw a small party that is memorable for him.

Safety check in the new bedroom

The following precautions should be taken when your child moves to a new room

Install safety locks on windows and make sure the window gap is not too large for your child to climb

·     Use an eco-friendly and nontoxic paint in the room

·     Keep electrical appliances at a distance or out of reach of children

·     Let the furniture or other heavy objects be attached to the wall so that they don’t harm the children

·     Avoid keeping medicines, cleaning fluids, choking hazards and small objects in their room

·     Start using a single mattress on the floor then use a toddler bed so that your child will adapt to the transition easier

·     If necessary, use bed guards

·     Ensure that the area around the bed is free from dust, stuffed toys or any other items that could suffocate your child


Change is inevitable. Provide a safe and secure feel for your toddler in the new room. Good luck. 

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