Introduce Toddler to New Baby


When a mother is expecting a younger child, it is quite natural for her to feel how her elder one will react to the new little one. Here are a few ways in how you can make your elder one feel comfortable and happy in welcoming the new baby.

Last Updated: 23 October 2020

Introduce Toddler to New Baby
Introduce Toddler to New Baby
Introduce Toddler to New Baby

When you are expecting a second little one in your family, you will feel more excited and anxious. You will be perplexed in how you are going to handle the situation in caring the two loved ones with equal love and attention. Don’t worry it is completely possible. Take time and prepare. Here are a few things to take care of in introducing toddler to a new baby.

Prepare your toddler

It is a good idea to make your toddler realize that he is going to have a new sibling, at least three to four months before the arrival of the little one. Give age appropriate explanations and if possible, you can take him to your prenatal checkups (at least one or two) and explain to him how he is growing in your belly. He can also touch your tummy and count the kicks, this creates excitement and he will be thrilled in welcoming the new one.

If you are planning to adopt a child, find appropriate books to explain to them the reasons for adoption and how the adopted child will turn into his sibling and build better relationships.

Arrange alternatives

Let your child know who is going to take care of him during your hospital visit. Arrange familiar members and let him feel safe and secure.

Make the first meeting memorable

Make the first meeting in welcoming your kid memorable. You can buy a cake and ask your toddler to cut and make him share the news that he got a new sibling. This will enhance the happiness in your family and your toddler will realize that there are hundreds of happy moments lining up to enjoy with his sibling.

Give them time

If your toddler is not feeling comfortable, give them time. Not everyone will become comfortable in a day or two. Let them know that the newborn will eat, sleep most of the time and help him know when the little one will get ready to play and fight with him and share the love and joy.

Make them understand sibling relationships are a lifelong bond. A positive sibling relationship will gradually develop when the new one reaches 14 months.

Be ready with the gifts

Not every visitor who comes to see your child will think of the elder one and buy gifts. So if there are lots of gifts coming for the little one, your toddler may feel he has lost his spotlight. To avoid this, you can plan ahead and wrap gifts like activity toys, coloring books and give it your toddler. You can also give gifts like T Shirts stating “You are my big brother or sister”.

Celebrate together

When you are taking photographs of your little one, be sure to include the elder. He can even hold the new arrival for some time and enjoy for a while.

Watch the developmental milestones together

As a parent you will be a lot more interested to watch your baby crawl and sit. You can enjoy the smile, cry of your little one along with your elder one. Let them not feel he is isolated. He will be happy to know at what stage the developmental milestones happen and how important it is.

You can also show the old pictures of your toddler and make him know how he laughed, cried and crawled.

Take their help

It is a good deal to take the help of your toddler in changing diapers and help you in getting the things necessary for the baby, may be dress or baby essentials. Let them be gentle near the crib enjoy seeing his sibling. He can also sing a lullaby to soothe the baby. Encourage and praise them for the little work they do.


A new sibling creates a lot of impact in the family. Multiply the joy and enjoy parenting. Good wishes! 


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