Habits that affects kids health


We not only pass our genes to our children but also our habits. Make sure you are inculcating good habits in them from their childhood itself. Here we are discussing what the common habits that affect kids health are.

Last Updated: 23 October 2020

Habits that affects kids health
Habits that affects kids health
Habits that affects kids health

There is no doubt that parents are the role models for their kids. They grew up admiring and following you. The habits that we follow will naturally be followed by them. Parents must be highly cautious that their bad effects are not transmitted to their kids.

Earlier the good habits you teach, less likely for them to go in the wrong direction. We have compiled here some habits that can affect you kid’s health and how you could avoid them acquiring those habits.

1. Healthy eating:

The foremost thing that you can teach your kids is eating the right food, the right proportion. When kids see you eating junk food in the wrong timings, they are likely to follow the same.

Explain the nutritional value of each food and ask them not to skip their breakfast at any cause. Teach them that breakfast provides the energy to the brain and will keep them active throughout the day. It’s been proven that a child who skips their breakfast is likely to become obese and have chances of developing chronic diseases later in their lifetime.

Be sure they get enough amounts of fluids and fibers in their food and ensure they follow a balanced diet. Never ever let them get addicted to smoking, alcohol and drugs. Cut down sugary and carbonated drinks from their diet. Let them know how many calories they require per day.

Spend at least one meal with your family and strengthen family bonding.

2. Hygiene:

Teach good oral hygiene habits. Explain them the health hazards of nail biting, hair twirling, nose picking and thumb sucking

3. Physical activity:

Not all children will love to do all the physical activities. Learn from them what activities they wish to practice. Some may like walking and others wish to pursue swimming, archery or gymnastics. When you include walking or any physical activity in your daily routine, you kids will likely follow the same.

Also allow them to play with their friends as this enhances communication and cooperation.

4. Screen time:

These days it has become very common using mobile phones for texting and chatting. If you spend too much time on your mobile phones, the less likely you will be able to interact with your child. Moreover your kid may follow the same and will invest more time in the social media than spending time with you.

As lots of television shows impacts negative energy, switch off the television and phones for a while and enjoy family time.

Children spending too much screen time faces a lot of health issues including obesity, sleep disturbances, poor performances in school and behavioural problems.

5. Mental health:

Managing your stress levels in the right way is important. During a difficult situation, you become a role model for your kids in how you are handling the unexpected bad situation and how you manage your stress levels. Teach them to stay positive during transient setbacks. Let them be “emotionally intelligent”.

Get relieved from stress by following the right techniques like yoga, breathing techniques or getting engaged in any physical or mental activity you would love to do.

6. Behaviour:

Don’t argue with your spouse or fight with them in front of your children. Never gossip about your friends or relatives as this bad habit may be followed by your child too.

7. Reading:

Apart from their school books, let them read what they love. Help them choose the right book for their age. Reading books build your child’s confidence and will help attain success in their life.

8. Criticize less, encourage more:

Avoid negative thoughts and criticism. When they make mistakes, point out in a low tone. Celebrate when they do the right things. Encourage their new ideas and help them choose their passion.

9. Focus on inner beauty:

Don’t encourage your kids to focus on their physical appearances and beauty. Instead you can make them realise inner beauty is real and everlasting.

10. Sex Education:

It is estimated that about 1 million teenage girls become pregnant every year. When your teenage kids enquire about sex and sexually transmitted diseases answer them. Though it is difficult and awkward for a parent this helps in avoiding problems in the future.


“Actions speak louder than words”. When your act right and follow good habits, your kid will follow the same.







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