Bedtime routine chart for your toddler

Establishing a routine and sticking to the schedule will be hard for toddlers (even for us too). But it is a good practice to create a bedtime routine chart for your toddler so as to simplify things for them in the near future.

Last Updated: 23 October 2020

Bedtime routine chart for your toddler
Bedtime routine chart for your toddler

Why to create a bedtime routine chart?

Taking care of the child along with all the household works is certainly difficult for mothers. Most of the time they are exhausted and frustrated and they will run out of time (despite intensive planning). One way to simplify the process and making things happen in the appropriate way is sitting with your toddler and preparing a bedtime routine chart.

They may be excited to prepare and as time goes they are likely to follow the same. Sticking to a routine will be of paramount important once your child enters school. So why don’t you try right now?

Bedtime Routine tips for your Toddler

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Bedtime routine is an essential part of toddler sleep habits. You should create a bedtime routine that is unique to you and your family. Here are a few tips that you can follow.

·         Ensure that you toddler had the right set of physical activities during the daytime, so that he may feel to sleep during night

·         Switch off the television. Move to a quiet and relaxing environment 20 to 30 minutes before bedtime. This will make them realize that it is sleep time. Dim the light as artificial lights may inhibit their sleep.

·         Hyperactive kids may take a little more time to sleep. So you can plan for some bedtime stories. You can sing nursery rhymes and songs to soothe your toddler. You can also introduce attachment objects to soothe them.

·         Listen to your baby’s gestures.

·         Make sure that he had enough food. Cut down sugary snack foods during the night time.

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·         Dress him properly before the sleep time.

·         Brush his teeth and apply skin lotion, if necessary

·         Stick on to the time every day. A Research identified that the peak of sleep hormone (melatonin) was noticed at 7.40pm.

Bedtime Routine Chart for your Toddler

There are a lot of bedtime routine charts available on the internet. You can download and customize according to your lifestyle.

The best way is to sit with your toddler and prepare the chart so that he feels excited and will provide his ideas. You may require the following to prepare the chart

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·         Poster board

·         Glue and tape

·         A pair of scissors

·         Handmade pictures or clip arts from the computer

·         Smileys and star stickers to appreciate your toddler

·         Pictures depicting typical toddler bedtime routines like bath time, teeth brushing, dressing, songs and stories, getting into bed, and a saying goodnight and hug from mom and dad.

·         Make respective rows and columns and proceed accordingly. Use markings or stickers to track whether your toddler is following the routine.

Establishing a bedtime routine is not difficult. Instead it will help to ease sleep pattern for your toddler.






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