Toddler: Understand Toddler Development, Feeding, Nutrition, Health, Behaviour And Much More


Toddler: A toddler is a 12 to 36 months old child with distinctive characteristics, know about Toddler growth and understands the child’s developments and physical changes. As your little delight is stepping into toddlerhood, you are into the next phase of parenthood. Have lots of doubts like how do you begin potty training for your toddler? How do you handle your toddler’s tantrums? What are the toddler milestones? Well, we tell you everything here! 

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Toddler: Understand Toddler Development, Feeding, Nutrition, Health, Behaviour And Much More

When a baby has been through one full cycle of a year after birth, he or she has officially crossed infancy and is said to be entering the toddler stage. As one year is also the approximate time for babies to begin to walk on their own, a child who walks can be referred to a toddler. Toddlerhood continues to the next two years, that is, from 1 to 3 years of age.

Toddlerhood is a period of active growth and development. Learn here what happens in every stage of toddler development.

Toddlers are the fussiest eaters we've ever known. It can make nutrition and feeding of toddlers one of our biggest concerns. Find out interesting recipes you can try for your toddler, and ways to make your toddler a less fussy eater.

Fever, cold, cough, rashes - toddlers can easily pick up the common health symptoms. Learn how to deal with toddler health issues here.

Welcome to toddler tantrums! Parenting is no fun without having to negotiate with a demanding toddler. We are here to help you understand the complexities of toddler behavior.

It may seem next to impossible to potty train your little child. But it's only until you read our expert articles on potty training. We make sure potty training your child is made easy on these pages – signs your child is ready for potty training, when to start potty training, how to start, how to potty train a girl or a boy – we give you an exhaustive list of information.

From make-believe to number counting, toddlers are learning and playing all the time. We give you the best collection of toddler play ideas and activities you can have fun trying with your child in our toddler gear, play and activities section.

Be informed about your toddler's vaccination schedules with our thorough guide on toddler vaccination.