Stages of Pregnancy

A lot happens during pregnancy! We tell you everything - week wise, month wise and trimester wise.

Last Updated: Oct 22, 2020 06:25 GMT


Stages of Pregnancy

Whether you want to know what happens to your baby and your body month by month or by trimester wise, we have it all ready for you. Our month-by-month guide details your pregnancy progress and what you need to do from months 1 to 9. Here’s a quick wrap-up:

Month 1: You are pregnant and it might take two weeks after conception to do a pregnancy test.  You may be able to read the early signs of pregnancy now.

Month 2: Your OB may schedule an early pregnancy ultrasound scan this month. Get ready, the thrilling moment of listening to your baby’s heart beat for the first time is just around the corner! And you will also get to know the exact gestational age of your baby and baby’s estimated due date (EDD) after the scan.

Month 3: The completion of three months of pregnancy also marks the completion of the first trimester. It is when morning sickness begins to get better.

Month 4: This month, you will feel butterflies in your tummy more than once, twice and thrice and whoa, at last pregnancy feels real!

Month 5: Are you having a boy or a girl? An ultrasound scan at this month can reveal that secret to you, yay!

Month 6: This month your pregnancy reaches the viable pregnancy age, that is, if a baby was to be born prematurely at this stage, she can be supported by a neonatal intensive care unit.

Month 7: Third trimester begins with seventh month of pregnancy. It is said to be a phase of increased weight and tiredness.

Month 8: Amidst the tiredness and changes in your body, you will begin to anxiously look for labor signs from this month on.

Month 9: By now, your childbirth classes must be over, your hospital bag is packed and you are much into nesting. Hold on Mommy! You are almost there!