Pregnancy Complications: The Complete Guide On Pregnancy Complications And Treatments


Pregnancy Complications: The majority of mothers face certain Pregnancy Complications at times of delivery. The Pregnancy Complications and the treatment for sudden cure are given in detail, we have included the complete guide about Pregnancy Complications, helping you stay aware and treat without panic. 

Last Updated: Sep 08, 2021 05:25 GMT

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Pregnancy Complications: The Complete Guide On Pregnancy Complications And Treatments

Pregnancy is one of the beautiful phases in a women’s life. While some pregnancies sail through without any complications, others suffer from a mild to life-threatening condition at some point. Pregnancies may not be free of complications for many women. We care for your pregnancy and help you get educated on important pregnancy complications, their signs, causes, risks and treatment. Here’s a quick list of the most common pregnancy complications:

One in every five pregnancies ends in miscarriage. Read further about what can cause a miscarriage, the signs to identify a miscarriage and who are at increased risk to miscarry.

Ectopic pregnancy is a rare condition in which the embryo attaches to a fallopian tube instead of travelling down to the womb. In some ectopic pregnancies, it can be in locations other than the fallopian tube or uterus. According to the American Pregnancy Association, ectopic pregnancy happens to 1 in every 50 pregnant women, although it is reported to be 1 in 100 in the UK. We have gathered detailed information on what causes ectopic pregnancy, how to read the signs and how it is diagnosed and treated in our exclusive article on ectopic pregnancy.

HELLP syndrome is an emergency-seeking medical condition during pregnancy. HELLP syndrome affects, on an average of 7 in 1000 pregnancies. 10-20% of HELLP syndrome cases are closely associated with severe preeclampsia during pregnancy. Learn about the symptoms, risks, diagnosis and treatment of HELLP syndrome.

Preeclampsia is a serious complication during pregnancy which can affect approximately 5-8% of pregnant women. It can begin with high blood pressure and proceed to become get more severe that it can be life-threatening in some cases. Read more about preeclampsia to be aware.

Oligohydramnios is a condition during pregnancy characterized by low amniotic fluid levels. Read more about the common causes, symptoms and treatment of oligohydramnios and how oligohydramnios will affect your baby.

In rare cases, in about 3 in 1000 pregnancies, the placenta attaches to the bottom wall of the uterus - exactly at, or close to where the uterus opens at the cervix. This condition is referred to as placenta previa. Refer to our article on placenta previa to learn more.