Pregnancy Care: Tips To Take Care Of The Mother And Baby During Pregnancy


Pregnancy Care: Pregnancy is the most crucial phase of life for a woman, know in detail about Pregnancy Care, nutritional tips and take good care of yourself and ensure healthy growth of the baby in the womb. Amidst the discomforts and excitements pregnancy brings in, may you not ignore caring for your pregnant self. We remind you of all the little ways to pamper yourself in our pregnancy care articles.

Last Updated: Sep 08, 2021 07:04 GMT

Pregnancy Care: Tips To Take Care Of The Mother And Baby During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not all about your baby. It’s also about the mother in you! We tell you in our pregnancy care articles how exactly to care and as well to pamper yourself during pregnancy. We tell you how to dress up glamorously, how to have sex during pregnancy, how to experience soothing massages, manicure and pedicure and more.

If you assume that your pregnancy bump can do no good to your looks, you might be wrong. Ditch your assumption that pregnancy is all about shapeless wears and clumsy looks. Check out our ideas for comfortable maternity clothes which can make your pregnant-self look smarter and beautiful.

With pregnancy, women tend to go out of shape. Yes, the expanding belly, the ballooning arms, the busting breasts, and the widening hips are a result of natural progression of all pregnancies. However, do not let your new body shape and size deter you from maintaining your fitness. Read how to keep yourself fit and energetic during pregnancy.

Unless your doctor has warned you about an impending risk in having sex during pregnancy, your sex life can continue to be blissful throughout pregnancy. If it doesn’t hurt or put you down, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t indulge in an ecstatic pampering! Read more on the best sex positions for having healthy and comfortable sex during pregnancy.

And the stretch marks! Remember you choose if you want it to stay permanent or go away after birth. Check our helpful tips to care for your stretch marks.

If you are a working mom, you must plan ahead about the maternity leave you are entitled to. We guide you how to go about planning for work after childbirth.