Due Date Calculator: Track Your Pregnancy Using The Pregnancy Due Date Calculator


Due Date Calculator helps you to track your pregnancy weeks and know your Due Date by analysing the records of the menstruation and conception dates, get the accurate due date using the Due Date Calculator and determine your delivery date. Are you excited about your little one’s arrival? Find out when your baby is due to be born with our due date calculator.

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Due Date Calculator: Track Your Pregnancy Using The Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

You are here most probably because you’ve taken the pregnancy test and it hit a positive. Congratulations! That’s definitely something exciting to look forward to and your next immediate curiosity now is to know when your baby bundle will reach your hands.

In medical terms, the date when your baby is expected to be born is referred to as Estimated Due Date (EDD). Henceforth, you would get to see ‘EDD’ quite often, in your scan reports, doctor’s notes etc. Your first ultrasound scan will predict your pregnancy due date based on the development of the fetus and your last menstrual date. However, your OB might not schedule your first scan earlier than six or seven weeks pregnancy because that is when your baby’s heart beat is likely to be heard prominently.  To attend to your curiosity until then, we give you information that can help you understand your baby due date at a greater depth.

According to one of the pregnancy due date calculator theories, the gestational age of the baby is 40 weeks; thus a straight forward way to estimate due date is to add 40 weeks’ time to the LMP. But, if you suppose a pregnancy calculator can be this simple, you’ll be miserably wrong because only less than 5% of pregnancies have proved this method to work right.

If you do not want to take up any arithmetic load on your head, you can use a simple online due date calculator which works based on your LMP. With most due date predictors, you would need your LMP or the date you conceived to derive at your due date.