Rainbow Baby

Rainbow baby is a baby born after a miscarriage. You may think of why we call it a rainbow baby. This is because it's like a rainbow after a storm. Would you like to learn more about Rainbow baby? If so, read below to know what rainbow baby is and how to cope up when you are expecting a rainbow baby.

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Rainbow Baby
Rainbow Baby

Losing a baby – in the womb, during delivery or soon after birth - can be a depressing life experience. Pregnancy following a loss can bring in a mixed emotion in the parents. Learn what a rainbow baby is and how to cope up when you are expecting a rainbow baby.

What is a rainbow baby?

A baby conceived, delivered and surviving in good health following a loss of a previous baby by the same parents is called a rainbow baby. While the term rainbow baby is not in medical terminology, it has become widely popular and accepted. The term reflects the joy of seeing a rainbow appear on the sky after days of dark, gloomy storms. The word signifies the relief, hope and emotional cure replaced by the new baby. 

How does it feel to be pregnant after a loss?

A miscarriage, death of the baby during delivery, or infantile death is an emotionally upsetting life event. When you find you are pregnant shortly after a pregnancy or baby loss, the pregnancy experience can be different from pregnancies of parents who have never faced a loss before. Called a rainbow pregnancy, it can bring in various emotions including: 




  • You may feel guilty of planning for another baby instead of mourning for the loss of the earlier. 
  • It may worry you if you will be looked at with disgrace if you choose to go ahead with your pregnancy plans in spite of just losing one. 
  • There may be a strange feeling that your lost baby is watching you from above and feeling sad that you have decided to rejoice another one in the making.
  • You may carry an inner fear if something might go wrong with your present pregnancy or baby as well.
  • Your baby-to-be may be constantly reminding you of the grief you faced in the past. 
  • You may become cautious not to reveal your pregnancy until you feel safe that everything is going to be alright this time.
  • You may be afraid to dream or plan pregnancy events like a baby shower, baby registry or nursery set-up.

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Some Positive Emotions to Feel

On the brighter side, here are some positive emotions you may feel:

  • Your rainbow pregnancy can bring you a deep sense of relief after the disturbing phase.
  • Your new arrival can soon heal the pain that the lost one had left on you and your family.
  • A belief that the baby who you missed has come again to you can add joy to your pregnancy.
  • You and your partner may take added care to make sure the baby is born safe and healthy. 
  • Your love for your baby may be doubled, compensating for what you had missed. 


How to cope up when you are expecting a rainbow baby?




In spite of the hope that your rainbow baby has come to give you, you might not be able to completely get over with the loss of the previous one. Here are some helpful tips to cope up with your situation:

  • Understanding that your rainbow bundle needs a love that is devoid of grief can help you come to terms that you cannot ignore the present in your hand because of the past bereaved you.
  • Read stories of rainbow babies and how their arrival brought hope and joy to their families. 
  • The loss of your baby wasn’t your fault and so, it need not put you in guilt to try for another. 
  • Get support from your partner, family, and friends to help you in other areas of your life so that you can give priority to matters of your rainbow baby. 
  • If grief overcomes you, consult a psychiatrist or therapist to seek medical help.
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    Be aware of the past reasons for the loss and take care to monitor your pregnancy and baby closely. 

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