Pregnancy Week 9


Your baby now at pregnancy week 9 is promoted to a fetus stage from an embryo, weighing heavier than earlier though not big enough to reveal a bump in you. You might wonder how two months of your pregnancy has passed so quickly although nausea and vomiting doesnt seem to subside yet.

Last Updated: Oct 22, 2020 11:29 GMT

Pregnancy Week 9
Pregnancy Week 9

Congratulate your baby! At 9 weeks pregnancy, he appears closer to a fetus than an embryo. As an embryo, his major organs were formed up until now while with the beginning of the fetus stage, the organs continue to develop to their mature forms.  

Your baby is now of the size of a cherry. If you were to peep into your gestational sac, you’ll find it strange to see his head making almost half of his total length.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

The tail which made him look like a tiny reptile disappears completely this week and his fetal version appears closer to a human now. His heart finishes its final touch with four distinct chambers. The sex organs which are going to make him either a boy or a girl are forming at this stage. However, none can read the secret now because the differentiation into either of the two hasn’t begun yet.

Your little body builder is also developing muscles at this time though not strong enough to make you feel them. You were awaiting the time when he will begin to kick and move around, weren’t you? To your big surprise, he is already doing it, but hold on tight for a few more weeks before you can get a clue of it.

What’s happening to your body?

You are stepping into the third month of your pregnancy. Inside your expanding uterus, the placenta hasn’t completed its development yet, continuing fatigue to ail you. hCG and other pregnancy hormones are gushing at their highs in your blood. You cannot avoid feeling the peak of your morning sickness, which also means that clouds of relief are hanging around the corner. And from the beginning of next week, you shall see showers of calming down of your hormones.

It is common to experience heartburn and indigestion in the first trimester. Your hormones are slowing down your digestion. As a result, big chunks of undigested food sit in your stomach for longer hours. And your tummy can feel a variety of uneasiness from heartburn to bloating.

As though not enough, you may have to endure constipation as well as you proceed into your pregnancy. Progesterone, a major pregnancy hormone, relaxes your intestinal muscles, depriving the necessary thrush your bowels need for regular flow. Drinking a lot of water and including fibres and fruits in your intake can ease you up.

If you aren’t done with your first ultrasound yet, it can happen this week. It will be a transvaginal scan in which a probe inserted into your vagina will find out the whereabouts of your baby. Relax, it need not alarm you; it wouldn’t hurt you or your baby.

Tips and advice for Pregnancy Week 9 ü  Be informed about your mood swings

Now that you are growing a new life within you, you may intend to stay calm by all means. But the raging hormones and your changing body makes it tough to remain sane, let alone remain calm. Mood swings are not unusual during pregnancy. If only someone had told you this, you could have made enough justification for all the tantrums you throw at your partner. Not late yet, you can still feel alright about your blues and keep your spouse warned as well.

ü  Avoid heartburn

Your food cravings may compel you to gulp down anything that your palate feels alluring. And yes, you feel eating something is better than having nothing at all. But girl, listen! It is good to keep oily, spicy and heavy food from your reach or at the least take them at teaspoon levels, more so if you find heartburn enriching your queasiness.

ü  Spend time with your partner

It is natural for every mom-to-be to jump into the mommy moods, envisaging holding the tiny fingers and little toes of her baby. And if you ask her, “Where’s the father-to-be in her life now?” she may take a moment to recollect his presence.


Babies can make us dump everything else aside, including our own-selves. They are irresistible creations who can rewrite the way we exist. What is equally important to understand at this point is that you must embrace the love you share with your partner. Spend engaging times with each other now and catch up on your favorite activities, in order to keep our bond stronger after the arrival of your baby. 


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