Pregnancy Week 6

The home pregnancy test shows up a positive band at pregnancy week 6 and yes, at last the good news is here! You are just beginning to feel pregnant but believe it or not, your babys facial features are already getting sculpted now.

Last Updated: Oct 22, 2020 11:29 GMT

Pregnancy Week 6
Pregnancy Week 6
What’s happening to your baby?

At week 6, your baby continues in its embryo form and is of about the size of a sweet pea, shaped like a curled tadpole.

Have you started dreaming how your tiny bundle’s eyes and nose will look like? If not, now is a good time because this week his facial features are coming out. He is also busy forming cheeks, jaw and ears. And the secret of whose nose in the family he is going to take inspiration from is put into manifestation now.

His vital organs such as liver, lungs and kidneys are growing relentlessly. His hemispheres in his brain are developing and in fact, an EEG can pick up his brain waves now. His hands and feet are beginning to sprout from what looks like webbed buds. He has a thin layer of skin now, tender and almost transparent.

His heart, still in its primitive structure, has started to beat. At week 6, his heart beat may not be loud enough to be picked up by an ultrasound. However, do not underestimate his heart’s ability, for it is beating 100 to 150 times in a minute, which to your strange surprise, is twice of an adult’s heart rate.

What’s happening to your body?

Did you just stare at the pregnancy test card in disbelief? Yeah, to witness a positive result in the home pregnancy test is one of the exhilarating moments in an expecting woman’s life. By week 6, you are most likely to be aware of not only your pregnancy but also the symptoms which your pregnant body is beginning to show off.

From hormonal levels to building up new pregnancy utilities, your body is busy getting adapted to the changes; so are your mental and emotional bodies. It is common at this stage to feel exhausted for no apparent heavy load of work you have done. Remember that there’s a lot happening inside your body now and the best advice you can follow is to take rest, even if seems like you’ve been doing nothing other than taking rest.

If fatigue bothers you on one side, your very-busy kidneys are ready to bother your rest time on the other. “Didn’t I close the rest room door behind me just a few minutes before? Do I really feel like peeing again so soon?” You should be surprised only if your mental dialogues don’t include such lines by week 6 pregnancy.

Frequent urination is one of the early pregnancy signs which forces you to get on your feet every now and then. Managing a long rest while there is pressure on your bladder is no fun. But, do not make the mistake of cutting down on your water intake. In another few weeks, you will get used to this increased frequency of rest room visits; so remember, drinking plenty of fluids should not be compromised throughout pregnancy.

Tips and advice for Pregnancy Week 6 Get ready for your first OB visit

If you are unsure if the two pink lines on the home pregnancy test are good enough proof in order to announce your pregnancy to your close kith and kin, a visit to your OB shall give you clarity. It is a good time now to fix your first prenatal appointment for one of the days in the coming week.

If you have no clue of how your first visit to the doctor will be like, you can try the following tips:

·         Speak to your friends who have been pregnant in the recent times.


·         Prepare a list of questions which makes you anxious now. You may want to know if having sex would hurt the baby. You may be confused if you can continue your aerobics class. Write down everything and prepare yourself to be open to your OB. Pregnancy is a time of anxiety for every woman. So, no matter what you want to ask your OB, you are not going to look silly. 

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