Pregnancy week 42

Your frustration may overpower you now. But the good news is that if you are not going into natural labor, your doctor may decide to induce. In either case, you are certain to meet your much-awaited bundle at last.

Last Updated: 22 October 2020

Pregnancy week 42
Pregnancy week 42
What’s happening to your baby?

Your baby at 42 weeks pregnancy is as big as a huge water melon. Perhaps, now is what the heaviest he’ll ever be as a fetus. By the end this week, he is officially a post-term baby. Irrespective of whether you go into labor or not, you are definitely going to meet him this week– at last!

By now, he must have shed all the vernix and lanugo on his skin. This might leave his skin dry or wrinkled. However, in a few a days after coming out, it is going to be alright.

Placenta has been studied to be likely inefficient in supplying nutrients to the baby post 42 weeks. Hence, there is a risk for baby’s well-being if he is let inside past this mark. We certainly wouldn’t understand why some babies feel reluctant to jump out. However, we do not want you to feel disappointed or frustrated because that would defy the big wait (and weight) you’ve carried along all these months.

What’s happening to your body?

It is more about what’s happening to your mind this week. If you are reading this, you are most likely one of those exceptional moms who have had longer pregnancies. Let this not make you feel down; rather feel wonderful that you are among the few who have remarkably endured the anxiety and of course the leg cramps, heartburns, headaches and all of the pregnancy hormonal menaces.

If all is well, you might go into labor tonight or in the next couple of days. It is still alright if you do not. There are induction techniques and even if any of these doesn’t work, a surgery can bring your baby out. At the heart of the situation is that your baby needs to be out safe and fine before any distress of placental disconnect happens. So, uncross your fingers, stay calm (we know that is more than a challenge) and create fantastic pregnancy stories in your. mind to recollect and retell your little one as he grows.

Tips and advice for Pregnancy Week 42

You’ve read, heard about and been through enough of pregnancy and now all that you want is your baby out. Yes, you deserve it very soon for the long wait you have endured. In the meantime, here’s a quirky list of things to try while you wait again:

ü  Check baby’s car seat installation

ü  Read about post-partum depression and how you can stay away from it

ü  Speak to a lactation consultant about breastfeeding

ü  Keep a count of your contractions

ü  Continue to observe your baby’s movements. If you find a drop in it, call your OB or midwife immediately.

ü  Prepare for the announcement of baby’s arrival

ü  Buy something for yourself

ü  Do a manicure or pedicure

ü  Learn baby care

ü  Work on your pregnancy photo book

Ah! There is so much you can do before your baby arrives!

Congratulations if you’ve already birthed your baby! Even otherwise, cherish the last few days of this roller coaster ride of pregnancy. Many sleepless nights (and days) are to follow and you are sure to miss your baby (and your bump) when once you are there.

Bookmark this page for we hope you will come back here for your next pregnancy.

And, welcome to motherhood!

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