Pregnancy week 36

By pregnancy week 36, your childbirth classes are completed, your hospital bag is packed and you are much into nesting. There wouldnt be much expansion or putting on weight in the coming weeks and your belly size is getting almost static.

Last Updated: 22 October 2020

Pregnancy week 36
Pregnancy week 36
What’s happening to your baby?

Your baby at 36 weeks pregnancy is as big as a bunch of bananas. She has almost reached her baby form from a fetus. Vernix, the whitish waxy substance on her skin and the downy hair are already shed off into the amniotic fluid. To your surprise, your little one might actually swallow them from the amniotic fluid. That is what makes meconium, her first poo after birth, black in color.

Your baby is continuing to put up baby fat which would make almost 15% of her birth weight. From this week on, your baby gains roughly half a pound a week. Her lungs are developed enough to survive the outside life though they haven’t started breathing air yet. Her digestive system though developed isn’t fully functional yet as most of her nutrients have been coming from the mother through the placenta.

What’s happening to your body? Braxton Hicks, Braxton Hicks & more Braxton Hicks!

We can’t talk enough of it because that’s what you might have been encountering newly in the last few weeks. Make sure you do not bother your doctor or the hospital every time you get these ‘false’ contractions. You will only be asked to wait and come back when the contractions become bolder. Unless, you experience contractions for five minutes or longer in a given hour, you are likely facing Braxton Hicks. However, if you sense something unpleasant like a drop in the baby’s movement, water leakage, severe backache, changed vaginal discharge or sudden abdominal pain, contact your OB immediately; a preterm labor isn’t uncommon. Did we tell you? If labor strikes you by the end of this week, it is called ‘early labor’.

Changes in baby’s movements

Your belly could be tighter than ever before. And your little one may not find enough space for a somersault though she’ll be and should be active than ever before. Her legs might not stretch far for a stronger kick and you might feel more slithering and sliding than rolling. Understand the changes in your baby’s movements now and let it not alarm you. However, if there is a drop in the kick counts, you must speak to your doctor about it.

The nesting high

Inspite of the tiredness you are going through, you wouldn’t want to skip anything from your plan of decorating or making the nursery for the new-comer. Nesting is a common tendency for moms-to-be towards the end of pregnancy. If you still feel not done with your home, take the help of the father. For once, you act the director and allow him to do your role. Perhaps, it would be a good trial for the work and responsibilities that lies ahead for him in the coming days.

Tips and advice for Pregnancy Week 36 Stock up your kitchen

And your refrigerator! Once the baby is home, you and your husband wouldn’t have time in your hand (and in your head) for a quick run to the store. Make a list and shop everything you would require in the kitchen at least for the first ten days so that you wouldn’t run out of stock of anything important. As you stock up the essentials, also store some cooked food. Cook double of what you need for a week and save one portion for the days following delivery. The first week of staying alone with a newborn is definitely panicking. With a good kitchen backup, the first few days of your parenthood must feel relatively easier.

Refresh your prenatal classes

It might be a few weeks since you attended the antenatal classes. As you are gearing up to the climax moments of your pregnancy, refresh what you were taught and told during the course. Involve your partner too for it can give reassurance to both of you about what to expect and how to act and react through the course of labor, birthing and post birth.

Sex is still permissible


As long as your doctor hasn’t advised anything against sex and both you and your partner are up to it, it is still safe to make love. Mind it that you shouldn’t be having contractions or a water breakage anytime before or after which calls for immediate contact of your OB. 

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