Pregnancy week 34

At pregnancy week 34, meconium (your babys first poo) is already in there inside her intestines and is not going to get out until shes out. Remember it is going to be greenish black in color; so dont get alarmed when you see your baby passing out something terrible the day shes born.

Last Updated: 22 October 2020

Pregnancy week 34
Pregnancy week 34

What’s happening to your baby?

Your baby at 34 weeks pregnancy is of the size of a cantaloupe. She is nearing the safer zone, that is, if you were to get into preterm labor at week 34, she is going to do fine outside under a few days of neonatal care. Her lungs are mature enough by now to survive outside through breathing.

She has been religiously practicing sucking and swallowing. That’s nature’s way to help your baby latch on to your breasts for her feeds after birth. The fatty covering of your baby’s skin, Vernix, begins to thicken now, providing warmth to her. However, vernix will soon begin to get laid off. Most full-term babies are born without vernix.

Her hearing is well-developed by now. Don’t miss to feed her the excitement of hearing you sing a lullaby for her or hear you narrate a loving story of her conception. You might be aware that she has been peeing into the amniotic fluid. Do you also know that her first poo, called meconium, is already collected inside her intestines? Babies usually release meconium soon after birth. It is dark in color with tinges of green and black.

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What’s happening to your body?                                     Stronger kicks

By this time, if you had been a constant observer of your belly, you might have spotted tiny feet or hand impressions over your belly skin. Now that the skin on the top has stretched so much you can feel the kicks and turns more intensely, closer and stronger than before.

Feet swelling

When you look down at your feet (well, you can when you sit because you can no longer see your feet while you are standing, your big bump wouldn’t let you), it can appear scary . They may be now swollen with fluid retention. Swollen feet aren’t painful or uncomfortable, but perhaps, you may feel like to slow down on your walking pace. And a few days post delivery, they will disappear. So, momma, love your feet anyways; dwell in a pedicure session and carry your swollen feet as yet another pregnancy possession.


You may be getting increasingly tired. The last few weeks of pregnancy is no joke. On one side, mentally you might feel exhausted of having been through pregnancy for quite a long while now. On the other side, physically, your body has been through a lot of changes and experienced a variety of discomforts ranging from headaches to hemorrhoids. It is natural to feel drained very often. But take our word, mommy, a little of exercise, good nutrition and frequent rest must take you to the labor day in good spirits.

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Tips and advice for Pregnancy Week 34 If you choose to breast feed your baby, consider a breastfeeding class now

It is likely for most pregnant moms to skip breastfeeding out of their mind during pregnancy. Why, it is definitely a thing after the baby is born! However, experts suggest that getting educated on breastfeeding during pregnancy can help the new mother in preparing what to expect when the baby begins to feed.


Though breastfeeding is often considered a natural phenomenon, it might take some effort from both the mother and the baby in the first few days. Some hospitals may include breastfeeding in their regular prenatal class. Check if your prenatal class includes it. Also know that in order to make the life of a new mom easier and confident in baby care, there are classes offered exclusively on breastfeeding. You will learn what right latching is and the different breastfeeding complications like engorgement, sore breasts, low supply, cracked nipples and more. You will also become aware of how to deal with such breastfeeding problems. You can also learn the right way to pump and store your breast milk. And above all, you will understand why breast milk is important for your baby and the benefits it can give both for you and your baby. 

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