Pregnancy week 31

At pregnancy week 31, your rapidly growing baby finds less room inside your womb and she may stretch, wriggle and kick a lot than ever. You may also find it tight and hard on your belly. Bending, lying down, walking many of your everyday movements can feel restricted.

Last Updated: 22 October 2020

Pregnancy week 31
Pregnancy week 31
What’s happening to your baby?

At 31 weeks pregnancy, your baby is of the size of a coconut. It is the time of rapid weight gain now. She might be closer to her birth height, perhaps, because of the lesser space available now to expand lengthwise. With all her systems in place, her senses developing rapidly and her brain cells multiplying enormously, your little bundle is making the final touches to her portrait.

Talking about senses, her eyes can now partially see light and darkness; her ears are listening keenly to you, her fingers and toes are trying to touch and hold whatever is possible to reach and in fact, her taste buds too are experiencing the taste of the amniotic fluid. However, she hasn’t begun to smell yet. This is because she is still in the waters and breathing amniotic fluid. She’ll begin to smell when she begins breathing air.

The kidneys are actively producing urine. If a girl, her clitoris is nearly developed and of course, for a boy, his testicles are too close to their destination. Another important development happening at 31 weeks is the differentiation of the islet of Langerhans in her pancreas. These cells will mature to make some of the important hormones of the digestive system.

What’s happening to your body? Is tiredness getting over you?

Have you heard people saying that the third trimester is no joy? You may begin to live that statement now. Fatigue can make you feel down. Yes, when you are carrying an extra load of weight as you walk, sleep and breathe, you are bound to feel tired. Yet, every time when your body runs dry of a good feeling, do something to refresh yourself. First of all, rest! Intermittent naps or rest during the day isn’t bad at all now. Especially, since your night sleep is taken for a toss, be generous with taking rest in the day. If rest alone doesn’t make you feel better, grab a book on positivity, listen to some soothing music (and watch your belly sway), doodle your heart out, call over a good old buddy, or simply take a slow walk with your husband with your arms in his. Remember, it’s all about experiencing the best and the worst – as you await your bundle of joy.

Wondering what your baby feels when you have sex?

In the third trimester, with a changed body and an awkward bump in the front, you may feel it is inappropriate (or unusually sexy?) to have sex now. In either case, do you wonder if your baby is going to get a glimpse of what the mommy and daddy are up to? Our wild guess is that she is keenly following your breath and having a rocking jiggle as you reach your orgasm. We may be kidding; she might as well be quietly sleeping like a cute little princess. The fact is it is proven safe to have sex at this phase of pregnancy unless your OB has particularly warned you not to, for some medical reasons. You may probably have to try adjusting your limbs to make way amidst the bumpy barrier. But trust us; you will remember these days of big-belly-sex for years to come. And what a candid way to nurture your intimacy?!

Tips and advice for Pregnancy Week 31 Childbirth classes – Which one is best for you?

You must be aware of childbirth classes by now. Most hospitals offer one. But, you can also choose a childbirth class outside your hospital. Here’s a quick guide on popular childbirth classes though we encourage you to explore further on your own:

Lamaze Classes

According to Lamaze philosophy, the mom-to-be must be well informed about natural birthing process and the various phases involved in it. If you take a Lamaze class, you will learn breathing techniques among other relaxation methods to follow during labor.

Bradley Method Classes

The Bradley Method emphasizes on natural childbirth as well, especially without the necessities of medical interventions. It helps pregnant moms rely on diet, exercise and breathing methods in order to rightly prepare their bodies and minds towards labor. This method also encourages the participation of the husband in the entire birthing process.


Hypnobirthing is the use of affirmations and visualizations to reduce labor pain and ease your labor. You will learn to practice guided meditation through tapes or your birth partner’s voice.


You may also want to check on the Alexander Technique, birthing from within and informed beginnings before you decide on which one would suit you and your partner the best. 

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