Pregnancy week 29


Your OB may now at pregnancy week 29 advice you to do kick counts. As long as you can feel your babys kicks 10 times in around two hours, she is doing fine inside. If you notice a sharp drop or no movements at all, it is an alarm to visit your doctor immediately.

Last Updated: 22 October 2020

Pregnancy week 29
Pregnancy week 29
What’s happening to your baby?

Your baby at 29 weeks is of the size of a butternut squash. His brain is enormously expanding, making new brain cells and nerve connections every day.

If you are carrying a boy, his testicles are having a fun ride down his pelvis. Soon it will reach its destination at the scrotum. His bones are continuing to grow harder and stronger. Yeah, all those strong punches you feel are a result of this development.

Vernix, the fatty coat on his skin may begin to fall away from this week onwards. For most babies, it completely withers away before the due date; however, some babies especially those born a few days earlier than the due date can still hoard vernix at the time of birth.

What’s happening to your body? Your body needs regular activity

Did your neighbor tell you that you’ve been carrying your baby for too long or that your belly looks like a full-term one? Are you taking the advice, ‘take a lot of rest’ from people too seriously? As a matter of fact, the more active you are now, the easier will be your labor and getting back to normal post baby. So, dear momma, get on to your feet, do your routine and thank us later!

Your nails are growing fast

Did you notice that lately your nails have been growing fast? Now is the time to sport that long nails you’ve always wished for. Your pregnancy hormones are, for some reason, kind to your nails as they are to your hair. However, know that they aren’t too kind because nails are also brittle now. So, take care, don’t overdo the nail shaping. Instead, drive to the parlor to indulge in a relaxing manicure session.

Count the kicks

You might have been advised by your doctor already to do the kick counts. Do not underestimate the importance of kick counting. You might well drift away into your baby dreams during the counting. Yet, create a routine and take this activity seriously.



Tips and advice for Pregnancy Week 29 Plan for your life after baby

Yes, you still have around 10 weeks to go. Yet, don’t let it stop you from preparing your home, heart and mind for the new arrival. From the next month onwards, your doctor visits may increase; your bump isn’t going to feel good for drives and your Braxton hicks may also come in and go anytime. For the safer side, get done with all your shopping and planning now.

ü  Make a list


Sit down with your partner to think how your life is going to change when the baby will be here. Plan together what needs to be taken care of and how. Make a list of things-to-do, things-to-buy and things-to-arrange at home.


ü  Find a baby sitter if you need one

Decide who will be involved in looking after the baby. If you have to hire a baby sitter, make sure to begin the process of finding one in the coming weeks. If you would need help from a friend or a parent, make sure to talk to them now about your needs and expectations.

ü  Check your insurance


Be aware of what your insurance covers. Speak to your team at the hospital or to the insurance provider for clarifications if any.


ü  Plan your maternity leave (and paternity leave for the father as well)


If you are a working woman, you might want to check from your company the number of days you are entitled for paid maternity leave. Some women prefer to work until the last day before labor in order to avail a longer leave post baby. Some, in other hand, would want to rest at home at least a month before baby’s arrival. Value the pros and cons on both sides and take an informed decision. You may also consider about talking to your company about extending your maternity leave, perhaps, without pay, if you desire to be there for your new-born for a longer time. And don’t forget the father! Paternity leaves are as important as the maternity ones.


ü  Shop now!

In your things-to-buy, include baby care products which you will need for the first few days after baby. You sure do not want to run out of diapers on the fourth day when you may not be able to make time to drive to the store. Chat with your friends who recently had babies to jot down on the essentials like car seater, swaddle, nail cutter, baby crib, maternity clothes, feeding bras (if you decide to breast feed your baby), new furniture if any, baby formula etc. 

ü  Nesting

Called nesting, many moms-to-be report an urge during the third trimester to tidy the house from top to bottom as if the baby has made a silent demand for it. In reality, it is a motherly gesture to welcome the bundle of joy into the most safest and comfortable home. Before you get too heavy to walk, complete any re-arrangement or nursery setup in your home. And remember to take help before you try to push the heavy couch from its place!

ü  Pack your hospital bag

You might think it is too early to pack your bag to the hospital. Well, you have time and certainly your baby can wait. However, it is good to be aware that a considerable number of babies are born prematurely. Labor can surprise you in many ways. Be ready with the hospital bag from now on.


Understand that it would be for a couple of days and it isn’t a long distance travel. So don’t try to squeeze in as much as you can. Instead, foresee the needs wisely and pack accordingly. For instance, if you have bought 60-number pack of diapers, you do not have to pack the entire bunch to the hospital. Your baby isn’t really going to pee that much in two days. And don’t forget to educate your spouse and people around about how the hospital bag is organized because, you wouldn’t be the one who is going to open it at the hospital. 


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