Pregnancy week 27

Your babys brain and eyes are undergoing active development now at pregnancy week 27. You might experience leg cramps and feet swelling which are likely to last until childbirth. As you complete your second trimester this week, you might feel getting heavier than ever before. Hold on, the heavier you feel, the closer you are to meet your baby!

Last Updated: 22 October 2020

Pregnancy week 27
Pregnancy week 27

What’s happening to your baby?

At week 27 pregnancy, your baby is as big as a cauliflower. The major areas of his development now are his lungs, brain, eyes, ears and pretty much all of his senses. His eyelids will be soon open wide and he will be able to see what’s happening in your womb. His hearing is getting sharper. In fact, he can now say apart who is speaking – the mom or the dad. His taste buds too are exploring a little of his first oral feed, the amniotic fluid.

Quite often, you might feel jerks from inside your tummy as though your baby is having hiccups. Will you be surprised to know that your baby is really having hiccups? The exact reason why fetuses get hiccups in the womb is unknown. However, it is an experience too common for most pregnancies. For the first few times, you may feel you need to act upon to relieve him from the flicks. But, know that a baby’s hiccups are not known to sign a distress. Rather, it could be nature’s way to make the little one adapt to his speeding up growth. So, sit back and relax, Mommy. Simply watch your bump bounce in joy!

What’s happening to your body? Clap three cheers Momma! You are at the last week of your second trimester!

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Whether it passed in a wink of an eye or dragged to hell, the glad tidings at week 27 is that it marks the end of two-thirds of your pregnancy. By now, it may feel you’ve had enough of your pregnancy hormones and enough celebrations of your bump and baby kicks. Hang onto your hat, you’re about to step into another trimester of surprises – your huge and heavy baby bump is sure one!

Get ready – your weight gain is about to accelerate

If you thought you have gained a lot of weight since your pregnancy test, let us reveal the fact – you are beginning a rapid weight gain ride now, by one pound a week.

Snissing - Peeing while sneezing?

Did you do that? Girl, most of us did it when we were carrying the baby load! The weight of your belly is exerting pressure on your bladders that an additional load, even of the size of a sneeze, can make you leak urine. Add kegels to your exercise regime, if you haven’t already. It must get your vaginal muscles back tight post partum.


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Restless legs syndrome (RLS) – why you can’t rest your legs at night

Around 1 in 3 pregnant women experience restless legs syndrome. When you retire at night and lay your legs on the bed, you get a crawly sensation on your legs. You feel an irresistible urge to kick or just to keep your legs in constant motion. It is believed to be a neurological condition that arises because of iron deficiency or estrogen levels. If RLS bothers your sleep, you must speak to your doctor about it. You might be checked for your iron level.

Coping with leg cramps

You may also be bothered by leg cramps at night. It generally occurs when you wake up in the middle of your sleep or after your night’s sleep. Cramps usually happen at your calf muscles though sometimes your thigh muscles can also get cramped. Leg cramps is a painful pulling of your muscles which goes away in a few minutes. It could be because of low calcium levels. It could also be a complication of your increased blood circulation; or because of the excessive pressure on your leg muscles exerted by your weight. Avoid standing or walking for a long time. When you wake up, don’t stretch your legs too suddenly. Moving or stretching your legs slowly should prevent muscle cramping. When you get cramps, stretch your legs, wriggle your toes and gently massage at the cramp area.

Tips and advice for Pregnancy Week 27 ·         Choose swimming over aerobics

Carrying a load at your front can make aerobics, walking or exercising difficult. If you find it getting tiring, do not give up. Instead, try swimming. Swimming has been found to be a comfortable work-out during pregnancy.

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·         Write down your birth plan


Labor can be unpredictable and can be different from one woman to another or even from one pregnancy to another of the same mother. Yet, it is your right to make a birth plan. Who should be your birth partner? Do you need a doula? What kind of birth do you dream of? Write down, discuss with your partner and your doctor. 

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