Pregnancy week 26

Your baby is breathing now at pregnancy week 26. But if you think he is breathing air, you are wrong. He is doing his breathing trials with amniotic fluid instead. By this time you must have noticed how funny your belly looks with an inside-out turned belly button.

Last Updated: 22 October 2020

Pregnancy week 26
Pregnancy week 26

What’s happening to your baby?

Your baby is of the size of an egg plant now. She is continuing to practice taking breaths with amniotic fluid. Her senses are undergoing new development this week.

Her eyes are fully developed by now. By full development, we mean that the inside of her eyes has formed the major connections. Her eyelashes and eyebrows are formed. Her eyelids have been fused together and closed shut all these months. Though they are slowly beginning to separate and open this week, they will not open completely until 28 weeks.

Your baby can very well perceive light and shadow at this point. A flash of light beamed at your belly can make your baby sense the external light. Some babies tend to respond to bright light from outside by moving their face away from it. Some babies make jerky movements in response to sudden flashes of lights. What does your little girl or boy up to? Try it out, Mommy! You are sure to cherish these loving moments of your pregnancy even after years.

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Your baby’s hearing sense is also maturing. Since sound can easily cross your uterus, she is listening to many of your conversations with people around. Remember to speak lovingly and politely for your tone can pass your feelings too to the growing bundle.

What’s happening to your body? Keep cool; your expanding body isn’t irreversible!

Your uterus is growing bigger, around 2 inches above your navel now. How does it feel when you see your bump on the mirror? Some women embrace pregnancy for what it is, while others get worried about their distorted shape and size. We would advise you to stay cool. Your body need not remain blown post delivery. It isn’t impossible to regain your pre-pregnancy form. Regular exercise and active lifestyle can bring your figure back on track. For now, carry your bump with pride. It is the bigger honor of your pregnancy.

Take care; your head is lighter!

Your blood volume has increased to around 25% from how it was when you started. And that has brought a lot of changes to your circulatory system. Your blood pressure can drop when you are at rest. That is why you must take care when you get out of bed or even while standing up from a sitting position. Avoid getting up suddenly from any resting posture. It can trigger dizzy spells on your head.

Tips and advice for Pregnancy Week 26

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ü  If you didn’t have your blood sugar levels checked until now, you will probably have it this week. You may want to be aware of what happens at the clinic during a glucose tolerance test, so that you do not get your gut out through your mouth when you hear you will have to drink 75 grams of sugar syrup at one gulp.

ü  As your waistline and your breast sizes are increasing, you must shop for the next bigger size of inner wears. Do not try to fit into your old clothes. But don’t shop too many, for you may need to buy again another size in your third trimester.


ü  It is a good time to plan for changes you want to bring to your home. Do you want to paint your baby’s nursery room? Do you want to rearrange the furniture to make extra space for the new family member? Do you want to get rid of some old, not-in-use things from home? Now is the time! In another few weeks, you might get heavier, unable to walk around actively as you do now. But, don’t overdo; don’t try to lift or move heavy objects alone. Take help or better act the director and let your well wishers doing the acting. 

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