Pregnancy week 25

Your babys baby fat is building up now at pregnancy week 25 and so is your babys hair. To your strange surprise, your hair is also lustrous than ever before. You cannot see the shedding of your hair now. Yeah, along with your protruding bump, your hair becomes a thing of your pride as well.

Last Updated: 23 October 2020

Pregnancy week 25
Pregnancy week 25
What’s happening to your baby?

At week 25 pregnancy, your baby is as big as a cauliflower. That sounds really big, doesn't it? Your baby this week is continuing growing a lot of hair and a lot more of fat.

You have been reading a bunch about your baby's lung development in the recent weeks. Here's one more to it, this week - her lungs are forming blood vessels, bringing life into it.

Another step to bring breathing close to reality is the development of nose. Her nostrils are unplugged now and can you believe that she is in fact breathing through her nose? She is practicing breathing amniotic fluid now (we can hear you wondering aloud how humanely possible it is). This practice is truly important to her to begin breathing air when she's born. Recent studies show that nose of the fetus can also begin to smell this week. If you are now thinking what she could smell, we guess it must be her urine. Yeah, she’s peeing into the amniotic fluid.

What’s happening to your body? Love your hair!

You cannot resist taking a second look at your hair on the mirror. It looks lustrous, healthier and richer. Thank your pregnancy hormones; they are taking good care of your hair strands without letting them shed like how it used to. Whatever hairstyles you dreamed of trying, Momma, do it all now! Soon after the baby is born, (we are sorry) your hair is going to get back to its old form.

Bedtime woes

Sleeping on your back is now a thing of your past. It isn't good for your veins at the back nor for the aches it claims on your body. Your bladder is sure merciless. It shakes you up from deep sleep for those compelling bathroom trips. And when at last you get to doze off, a deadly nightmare of giving birth to a zombie wakes you violently with sweat and goose bumps. We understand, you may face trouble sleeping as you are nearing the end of your second trimester. But we are sorry again, Mommy, there isn't a word of consolation we can give you, for the rest of your pregnancy and the days (and nights) following your delivery can give you no ray of hope. Yet, feel glad that these little troubles you experience now are the investment you are putting in for the arrival of your baby in good health and cheers.



A varicose vein is not only a thing of your legs. When you are constipated over a period of time, your anal veins may see swelling resulting in hemorrhoids. Your heavy belly exerts pressure on your lower digestive tract. Constipation adds to this war and definitely it isn't a pleasant struggle. Drink plenty of fluids, have fiber-rich foods and continue mild exercises or yoga approved by your doctor.

Tips and advice for Pregnancy Week 25 It’s time to register for a Prenatal Class

Most hospitals offer prenatal classes in order to prepare pregnant couples for childbirth and baby care. There are also classes offered outside of hospitals, if you need a specialized one. Prenatal classes are commonly taken during the third trimester though it isn’t a bad idea to take up in the first or second. 25 weeks is a good time to register for a prenatal class, which should be around 4-6 weeks from now, when you will enter into your third trimester. You can do the registration even earlier, depending upon the demand at your centre.

What will you learn from the prenatal class?

Not all prenatal classes are the same. Check what your hospital covers to get a fair knowledge of what you’ll be learning. In general, most prenatal classes cover:

·         Birthing methods: You will be soon making a decision on how you want to deliver your baby. A prenatal class will educate you and your partner the different methods your hospital offers, to help you make an informed decision.

·         Signs of labor: You may not be sitting in the doctor’s clinic with your OB and nurses around you when your labor begins. You could be in your deep sleep, you could be taking a stroll alone or you could be shopping at Walmart. It is necessary that you are aware of the signs of labor, what to do and when to call your doctor. You will learn all about labor care before you reach the hospital, in your prenatal class.

·         During labor: Once you are at the hospital under labor pain, you could get anxious if you didn’t know what you would have to undergo in the next few hours. A prenatal class will take you through the steps that you will experience after you reach the hospital. Just like pregnancy, every child birth is different and a prenatal class can prepare you mentally for the unexpected.


·         Baby care: Soon after delivery, from changing nappies to breast feeding, everything is going to be a new experience if you are a first-time mom. A prenatal class can teach you the basics of baby care and nursing. Not all prenatal classes include baby care in it. You may want to check with your hospital what it offers. 

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