Pregnancy week 23

If you closely follow your babys movements now, at pregnancy week 23, you can identify her sleep-wake routine. She might be actively kicking you during a particular time of the day. She might be quietly taking a nap at other times. She might also respond to outside sound and touch stimuli now. She might jerk when the dog barks or slither inside when sun rays directly fall on the belly.

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Pregnancy week 23
Pregnancy week 23
What’s happening to your baby?

At week 23 pregnancy, your baby is of the size of a grape fruit. From now on, she’ll be busy multiplying her weight and filling herself with fat deposits. Yes, her chubby cheeks and chick thighs are a lot of hard work you see!

Though a tiny fetus, she may have developed a sleep-wake cycle by now. If you can track her movements 3 or 4 days subsequently, you may find a pattern. You will know that your baby is awake if you feel a lot of kicks and slithers under your belly. If there hasn’t been a movement for some time, she might be quietly napping.

Some studies report that babies in the womb can also begin to dream. Their sleep cycles can have the rapid eye movement (REM) phase of sleep alternating with the non-REM sleep, just like adults.

What’s happening to your body? Yay! Let’s do the cupid shuffle

Feeling your baby move is one of the most amazing experiences of pregnancy. You begin to feel your little one’s happy times growing day after day. For one reason, her reflexes and flexions are more developed now. She is becoming a pro at stretching and rolling and may even do somersaults. Also, the more your belly gets tighter on expansion, the closer she is to your skin. And what can make you jump in excitement, is to see a live performance on the top of your belly. When her elbow pokes you, you can actually see it on your skin. When she wriggles inside, you can catch your bump move left and right. Some mothers have also reported seeing the impression of the tiny feet on their skin. Awh! Most moms can feel the movements prominently when they hit the bed to rest upon. Perhaps, that is the time when your movements are comparatively lesser, allowing you to distinctly recognize your baby’s.

What’s Melasma, the Mask of pregnancy?

It is common during the second trimester to find dark patches of skin on your face, around the neck, forearms and other areas of your body. This condition is called melasma or the mask of pregnancy because the shape of the dark patches on the face may sometimes resemble a mask. It is harmless and does not trigger any symptoms like itching or reddening. It is caused by the increase in the synthesis of melanin, the pigment which gives color to your skin. Why melanin increases during pregnancy is again the fault of the pregnancy hormones. It is believed that melasma occurs more predominantly in women of darker complexion as their melanin level is relatively higher.

Your back – Arching and Aching?

Your dear pregnancy hormones love to unscrew a little of your ligaments in the pelvic joints. The relaxed ligaments along with the weight gain in the front and the shift in the centre of gravity, can take a toll on your lower back. If you have a mild backache, try to use pregnancy comfort pillows when you lie down. If you experience severe backache anytime, consult your OB immediately. Some moms-to-be can have upper back pain too. This could be because of the enlarging breasts on the front. Wearing a bra of the right size which holds your breasts in grip should relieve upper backache.

Tips and advice for Pregnancy Week 23 How to care your skin from darkening (Mask of Pregnancy)?

Though harmless, dark patches on the skin are not something that anyone would want to spot on their bodies. Now that you are sailing through a glowing-skin-phase of pregnancy, you definitely do not want your glow to be let down by blotchy spots. There isn’t a remedy for melasma though they are sure to fade off in a few months after delivery. However, you can try the following tips to keep it at bay:

ü  Avoid going out under scorching sun.

ü  Well, when you cannot avoid, use a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher.

ü  When outside, cover up girl! Use a hat or an umbrella and wear long-sleeved tops.


ü  Check if your soap is mild. Some chemicals in the soap can make skin darkening worse when they react with sun rays. 

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