Pregnancy week 21

Will you be surprised to know that your baby is drinking a few ounces of the amniotic fluid everyday now, at pregnancy week 21. He or she is also busy processing meconium, the first poo.

Last Updated: Oct 22, 2020 11:29 GMT

Pregnancy week 21
Pregnancy week 21
What’s happening to your baby?

Your baby at week 21 pregnancy is as long as a carrot. Did you notice in your last week's ultrasound, that the sonographer measured her length from 'Crown to Rump', instead of from 'Crown to Heels'? Oh yeah, she is a big girl now though she is only half of how big she'll be at birth!

Your baby's digestive system is making progress. The tastes buds on the palate are beginning to give her a glimpse of what different foods taste like. But wait, she isn't having food yet, and neither is she going to have solids until a few months after birth.

Remember, we have been saying to you that she is now swallowing a little of amniotic fluid every day? And that's from where she gets to taste what you eat. Some studies show that babies who are exposed to tastes of some foods in the womb, are more likely to gain preference for the same foods in the when they begin to have solids. C'mon mommy, isn't that a good reason to include more veggies in your diet?

Her intestines are producing small amounts of meconium upon digestion and after absorption of small amounts of amniotic fluid. It gets collected in her intestines. After baby is born, it is released as baby’s first poo, meconium, usually black in color.

What’s happening to your body? Is your baby bump being noticed?

It's time that your pregnancy is showing out. Passers-by and acquaintances can now make out that it's a bump of a baby and not of the icecreams, cheese and chocolates you had. You may have people ask you about your pregnancy or give you that understanding glances or someone touch your bump. Yes, that's not something you may like. But expect some and be prepared of how to handle such privacy intrusions.

Do you feel clumsy when you walk?

In addition to the bump, your walking style too can make a bold show of your pregnancy. You may have observed by now how strange it feels when you get down the car and walk up to the doctor's clinic. With heaviness lurching in the front, your centre of gravity moves its position. While walking, you may tend to lean backwards or part your legs in order to adjust to the new balancing act. And if you feel clumsy, it is okay, Momma! This is another brand new feature of pregnancy and you are sure to get used to it soon.

 Did you feel hungry a few minutes after that heavy buffet lunch?

You are not abnormal, you are just pregnant! The resting metabolic rate in your body increases tremendously around this time. Your body is expending energy more than ever in your life. And your body needs to compensate for that additional calorie consumption. Feeling hungry at unexpected time intervals is normal during pregnancy. But, in spite of the calorie demand, it is important to watch from where the calorie source comes from. Too much of junk foods and snacks may provide empty calories but definitely aren't going to help your body much. Include vegetables, whole fruits, fish, milk and nuts. Speak to your OB or a nutritionist to understand what your pregnant body likes.

Didn't you yet spot something funny on your belly?

Your belly button has turned inside out now. The stretching skin on the bump has gone to the extent of pulling the skin out from the inside your navel. It can appear weird when you look down at your belly. But, know that it's a pregnancy thing and it will be back in shape soon after the baby is born.

Tips and advice for Pregnancy Week 21


Your heart and mind gets to be futuristic day after day. You may feel anxious about labor pain and delivery. You may be planning for a pregnancy photo shoot. You may be preparing for things that would be required after baby is out. You may be thinking about re-shuffling the arrangements in the home. While it is natural, you may need to slow down a little if you are feeling anxious. Things shall fall in place at the right time. It is alright to plan but it is important not to fret about everything. Make sure you don’t seem to be pre-occupied all the time in your thoughts. 

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