Pregnancy Week 20

You are halfway through your pregnancy at week 20! Now that peace sets in after the storms of nausea, pat yourself, mama, you are heading to an awesome motherhood! Your babys organs are fast developing and your OB might do a 20-week ultrasound to study your babys development in detail.

Last Updated: Oct 22, 2020 11:29 GMT

Pregnancy Week 20
Pregnancy Week 20

What’s happening to your baby?

At week 20 pregnancy, your baby is as big as a banana. He is listening, he is yawning, he is napping, he is sucking his thumbs, he is swallowing fluids and he is in fact producing his first poop, meconium – in short, he is just too busy growing!

Baby’s sex organs are becoming well-defined to be captured and identified on an ultrasound sooner this week, if not already by now. Your baby’s genitals began to form at about 7 weeks pregnancy though the differentiation in to male or female genitalia did not happen then yet.

By 16 weeks, if your baby was to grow to a boy, the amount of the male reproductive hormone, testosterone, produced by your baby would have been as high as in an adult. It is testosterone which directs the formation and the lengthening of penis. By now, at 20 weeks, testosterone levels drop down to what a boy in early puberty would have. His testicles still remain in his abdomen and shall not descend into his scrotum until 26 weeks.

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In the case of a baby girl, the external genitals do not undergo major changes since their formation. However, ovaries produce millions of early stage eggs and by week 20, if you are carrying a girl, she’ll have 7 million eggs in her ovaries. Yes, you read it right!

What’s happening to your body?

If you did not have a mid-pregnancy ultrasound in the last few weeks, you are certain to have one this week. Your OB will check for your baby’s growth and development in detail. You can also get to know your baby’s gender during week 20 scan.

You are bound to continue experiencing the rest of your second trimester symptoms – heartburn, indigestion, bloating, constipation, leg cramps, feet swelling – we know you’ve heard enough of all that and are experiencing a lot more than what you’ve heard, phew!

Tips and advice for Pregnancy Week 20 Celebrate your half pregathon journey!

Three cheers to you, mama! You’ve completed half of your pregnancy journey. To celebrate it, why not indulge in some pregnancy niceties? And now that you know if it’s a prince or a princess inside, relish on these essential bonuses:

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Baby Names

How will your baby be called when he or she is out? Well, that is some big work for you and the father! You may now begin to find names if you wouldn’t want to get overwhelmed about it soon after delivery. Think if you would want the name to begin with a particular alphabet, or rhyme with an older sibling’s name or carry a meaning of specific importance. You have all your time now. Ransack the internet, ask for suggestions in the pregnancy groups or just get creative!

Baby Registry

20 weeks to go and your baby is going to sleep in your room! It means, you’ll need to keep ready a plenty of baby and mommy stuff before the D day. Baby registries are an easier way to note down your needs and wishes for the baby to come. Whether you prefer a common store like Target or an exclusive baby shop like Babies R Us, create a baby registry of your heart’s desire and share it to your baby shower guests. This way, you can make sure there are no repeat gifts and you get only what you are sure to use. And of course, the joy of receiving gifts!

Bump Fund

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Bump fund isn’t a popular practice but if it interests you, it could be an alternative to baby registry. When you need more time to fill in your baby registry but your baby shower is around the corner, you can offer the option of a bump fund to your guests. Instead of gifts, they can buy you gift cards and you can shop your list at a later date.

Baby Shower


One last time to be adorned like a queen before the baby is born – thanks to baby shower! Now is a good time to plan a baby shower because you are likely to be at your best spirits and energy in the second trimester. Plan a theme, invite your guests, and drench in all the goodies. You deserve it mommy!

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