Pregnancy Week 17

Feeling your baby move is one of the exciting moments of pregnancy and by now, at pregnancy week 17, your little football champion is getting better at his kicks. He is also trying to figure out how sucking and swallowing works as he prepares for his feeding once out of mamas tummy. Be aware that strange dreams can be common for the mom-to-be at this time and could sign you to get easy about your pregnancy and childbirth anxieties.

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Pregnancy Week 17
Pregnancy Week 17
What’s happening to your baby?

At week 17 of pregnancy, your baby is as big as a pomegranate. Wonder what he is up to this week? You'll be amused to know that he is busy honing his skills of sucking and swallowing now. If you couldn't make the connection yet, listen to this mommy - he is already preparing for his feeds outside his womb life! Be it your bosom or a bottle in the future, he is learning sucking and swallowing at which he'll become a pro even before he is born.

Your baby is actively developing fat beneath his skin. It keeps him cozy in addition to acting as an energy source. And yes, it makes him appear cute after birth. His sweat glands are also developing.

His bones which were more like soft cartilages are hardening to become true bony structures. His limbs are nearly proportionate to his head size now.

What’s happening to your body?                                     Have you been seeing strange dreams lately?

Did you have a scoop of vanilla mixed in a can of tuna in your dreams? Did you give birth to a kitty? Or did you see your husband carrying a big baby bump? Weird dreams aren't uncommon at this phase of your pregnancy. Waking up in the middle of your REM sleep for your bladder's urgency could be one of the reasons for a disturbed sleep pattern resulting in strange dreams. Even otherwise, constant planning for your baby's arrival, your strange food cravings or your anticipations of baby's movements and baby bump may contribute to such impossible dreams. Regardless of the reasons behind your brain's stories, it is a clear sign that you need to relax and sleep better.

Are you beginning to feel an alive human within?

By this time, you have felt butterflies in your tummy more than once, twice and thrice and whoa, at last pregnancy feels real! It happens when you least expect, but it's gone before you could invite others to share your excitement. Yes mama, we understand how it feels! Wait a couple of months for jolts and kicks which are longer enough for your partner to touch feel the grand moments.


Are you suffering from momnesia?

As though you are not going through enough, now what is this?

How many times in the recent past did you open the refrigerator and went blank unable to recollect what you opened it for? Did you at least once had to think hard for your phone password? Worse, did you forget your mom's birthday?

If it strikes a chord with your present state, then certainly 'momnesia' also called ‘pregnancy brain’ is happening to you. The anxiety you are carrying behind your anticipations about the baby, the peeing frequency disturbing your sleeping hours, your body directing blood away from your brain to the placenta and fetus and not to rule out, the work of those hormones - all of it may temporarily clutter your memory. This is absolutely normal and you don't have to feel abnormal at all.

Tips and advice for Pregnancy Week 17 3 Smart ways to handle Pregnancy Brain

In spite of the fact that there is no clinical evidence about pregnancy brain, it is common that forgetfulness is associated with pregnancy. It could be annoying at times when you are unable to recollect matters of importance. Here are three helpful tips to keep calm and maintain your sanity during this phase:

Write down the to-dos

Up until a few months ago, you might have relied on your memory to shop a whole month’s grocery. Don’t be taken aback now if you drove back home all the way from Walmart only to find out that you forgot to pick the fish feed, paper clips and cheese. To avoid such distress in everyday life, begin to write down your to-dos, as and when you think about it.

Use Sticky Notes, Organizers or Writing Boards

You do not want your pregnancy brain to incur a late fee on your credit card, do you? It can be helpful to paste reminders on your work desk, refrigerator or oven. You can as well use an organizer to sort out dates of importance or simply scribble on your writing board but remember to place it somewhere your eyes can catch up frequently.

Talk to your partner about what you are going through


If it should take time for you to discover what’s happening with you, it could be close to impossible for your partner to understand what is bothering you. Off late, if there have been frequent falling-outs between you two because you left the car key on the sofa instead of on the key holder, it is a good idea to talk to him about your difficulty. The next time he spots the car key in the kitchen drawer, he is likely to concede in understanding rather to chide you for irresponsibility.  

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