Pregnancy Week 15

Your baby is more like a baby now at pregnancy week 15, wriggling and squirming inside all day. Dont be surprised if you find yourself awesome in the bedroom at this point. If pregnancy had brought in a drift between you and your partner, now is the time to catch up the gap. Increased sex drive is a natural instinct at this stage as your hormones change their game plays in your body.

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Pregnancy Week 15
Pregnancy Week 15
What’s happening to your baby?

Your baby at week 15 pregnancy is as big as a navel orange. Believe it or not, he is quite a big boy now and knows how to keep himself busy the whole day. Okay, when he is out, it could be a different story altogether, mommy!

Some babies are born like teddies. No, we don’t mean a human face with a snout or clumsy limbs! Like teddy bears, babies can have a lot of hair all over their new-born bodies. This is because, your baby is developing short, hairy sprouts called the lanugo. In most babies, lanugo is shed off at around 35 weeks. Some babies, however, born at 38 or 39 weeks can still have lanugo on them.

The primary role of lanugo is to hold vernix caseosa on the skin. Vernix is the whitish, fatty covering on the baby’s skin. It helps to regulate baby’s body temperature, protects baby’s skin and helps labour by providing lubrication. And it’s all developing on your baby’s delicate skin this week.

In the last few weeks, baby’s arms were extending. Now it’s the turn of his legs. They are outgrowing the length of the arms, making his limbs more proportionate with respect to his head and torso.

What’s happening to your body? Gum problems

Though second trimester is relatively a happier phase in your pregnancy, it cannot go fully devoid of discomforts. Bleeding or swollen gums can cause discomfort in some pregnant women. It doesn’t require treatment in most cases and will subside soon after delivery.

Skin darkening

Did you hear someone telling you that you are growing darker in complexion? There could be partial truth in what they see. Pregnancy induced hormones can darken your skin around your neck, breasts and back.




Tips and advice for Pregnancy Week 15 Begin an exercise routine

If you have been a couch potato all along, here’s some good news. You can now wake up from your work-out slumbers and get into an exercise routine. The work-out regime should not be strenuous rather it must be of mild intensity. The American college of obstetricians and gynecologists recommends 150 hours of exercise per week during pregnancy. By following an exercise routine, you are helping yourself with the benefits below:

ü  Eases the muscle aches on your back

ü  Strengthens your heart muscles and thus blood circulation

ü  Lowers the risk of gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia

ü  Prepares your pelvic floor for labour

Pep up your sex life

With the queasiness easing away, your libido might find a raise around this time. It is normal during pregnancy and it should not make you anxious. Having sex during pregnancy is not only safe but also addresses the following health benefits for you and your growing baby:

·         Strengthens your pelvic floor: Orgasms bring about contractions, which can make your pelvic muscles stronger, and thus helps easy labor.

·         Reduces stress and anxiety: In spite of the pregnancy glow that women experience during pregnancy, the anxiety associated with baby’s development and labor cannot be ruled out. Sex releases oxytocin, the happiness hormones which help you relieve some stress during this time.

·         Lowers blood pressure: Your blood pressure drops down soon after sex. In case you are at a risk of high blood pressure during pregnancy, having sex can help you lower it thought it is not a permanent treatment.


·         Boosts your immune system: A protein found on the sperm cells is studied to regulate your immune system, thus prevents pregnancy related complications like pre-eclampsia. 

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