Pregnancy Week 14

At pregnancy week 14, your baby has doubled in weight from what he or she was last week. Pregnancy feels more exciting now than it was in the last few weeks. Not only is your appetite expanding but also your taste buds are getting more kind to you in letting you grab food without being choosy.

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Pregnancy Week 14
Pregnancy Week 14
What’s happening to your baby?

Your tiny tot, now at week 14 pregnancy, is of the size of a lemon. All his organs have completed their formation and some are continuing to mature or grow. You have been reading how your baby was developing all these weeks. Don’t be surprised, there is more to happen in the coming months too.

He is uncurling more and more in his fetal position; yawning, waving and sucking his thumbs inside the womb most of the time. A few moms-to-be can begin to feel the kicks by now. If you aren’t, keep calm, the football player is warming up your belly and you will soon watch the match.

His face is undergoing constant changes. This week, his facial muscles are in action, making a lot of faces. Also, the roof of his mouth is nearing completion.

His liver is now taking the additional role of producing bile apart from making red blood cells. His spleen is busy too in assisting making red blood cells. That’s some amazing development, isn’t it? His bone marrow is still maturing which will soon take up the red blood cells formation.

His intestines are also getting functional. They make meconium, your baby’s first poop. If you are growing a prince, his prostate gland is forming now. If it’s a cute little princess inside, her ovaries are descending down to take its final position.

What’s happening to your body? Second trimester begins!

In other words, the honey moon phase of your pregnancy begins. The second trimester is said to be the most comfortable period for the pregnant mother. The first is commonly an overwhelming time of hormone surges. By the time, the third begins, you will get heavier along with feet swelling, constipation, ligament pain and what not.

Your queasiness has almost disappeared now and you wish to eat like a monster. Your energy levels are at their best and after a period of, what seemed never-ending, your mood swings aren’t swaying you any longer. C’,om girl, jump out of the couch and step out for some maternity shopping!

Feel your uterus!

Have you ever felt your uterus? No, in general we do not feel this organ which is placed deep inside our pelvis. However, nature gives you a chance during pregnancy. Now that your uterus is bulging out into your lower abdomen, you might touch feel the fundus, the top of your uterus. Place your hand just above your pelvic bone in the lower abdomen, or ask your OB in your next visit to locate it for you.

Cuddle your hair!

A woman’s hair growth (yes, we are not talking about the baby’s) is said to be the healthiest during pregnancy. Off late, if you are witnessing your hair becoming thicker and glowing than ever before, you are right and you are not hallucinating. The pregnancy hormones, for some reason, are kinder to your hair follicles.

Tips and advice for Pregnancy Week 14 Watch your Weight

With the regular eat-sleep cycle returning back in your life, you may want to grab down food thinking to compensate on all that you lost and may be to grow your baby bigger. But wait! In actuality, you do not need to eat for two. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, an appropriate weight gain during pregnancy along with right nutrition and exercise is critical for a healthy pregnancy. Most importantly, unwanted excessive weight gain during pregnancy must be avoided.

The chart below lists the gestational weight gain recommended by the Institute of Medicine, according to the weight category of women, calculated based on the pre-pregnancy body mass index (BMI):


Pre-pregnancy Weight 

Body Mass Index

Range of 
Total Weight (lb)

Recommended Rates
of Weight Gain in the
Second and Third
Trimesters (lb)
(Mean Range [lb/wk])


Less than 18.5


1 (1–1.3)

Normal Weight



1 (0.8–1)




0.6 (0.5–0.7)


30 and greater


0.5 (0.4–0.6)


Pregnancy Weight Gain Recommendations by the Institute of Medicine


An additional 300 calories (600 calories if you are carrying twins) per day is what you need now. And it does not require too much eating. A woman of average weight needs to gain 25-35 pounds during pregnancy. The recommended weight gain in the first trimester is 1-4.4 lb and 1 lb per week in the second and third trimesters. In the case of twins, the recommended gestational weight gain is 37-54 lb. 

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