Pregnancy Week 13

Pregnancy week 13 is the last week of your first trimester, that is, youve already traveled through 1/3 rd of your pregnancy. Isnt that incredible?! From the beginning of next week, you may start to feel better, in terms of energy and moods.

Last Updated: Oct 22, 2020 11:29 GMT

Pregnancy Week 13
Pregnancy Week 13
What’s happening to your baby?

At week 13 of your pregnancy, the little munchkin inside you has reached the size of a peach and she is continuing to grow in leaps and bounds. All along, her head appeared huge for her tiny body. But from this week on, her arms are getting longer and her entire body is picking up zeal to match the head’s size.

If you could see your baby in an ultrasound now, you may be surprised to see her sucking her thumb. Yeah, babies learn to suck their fingers even while they are in the womb. That is why it is unnatural to force a new born to pull her thumbs away from her mouth. Aha! This is just the beginning; there is much more you will have to think about parenting, in the coming days.

Also this week, her vocal chords are developing. All that gagas and gugus that her infant version would sound like one day is set to begin their journey now, though it is still a long way before you can hear them. Can you even imagine tiny fingerprints on her tiny palms? Behold, they are beginning to form this week!

Almost all her organ systems are formed by now. Her intestines are getting their form completed and are moving to their destined position in her body. And all of the eggs that her ovaries would accommodate in her lifetime, which is over two million in number, are already developed.

What’s happening to your body? Pat yourself three cheers!

You’ve sailed through the toughest weeks of your pregnancy! Week 13 is the last week of your first trimester and it signs a new phase of your pregnancy. Beginning next week, you will feel better by all means. With your energy and mood lifted up, you can resume your pre-pregnancy way of life, at least to most part, if not with everything.

Get fired up on the bed!

Many expectant mothers at this stage feel an increased sex drive as the trouble-causing pregnancy hormones decide to subside their menaces. If you have felt far from your partner, now is the time to pull yourself back to him. Let not the growing belly scare you both. You may have to try some awkward positions but be rest assured that your bloomed breasts and ripening pelvis are sure to re-kindle his passion towards you.


Say hello to relaxin!

Let us introduce you to another important hormone which your system produces during pregnancy – Relaxin. In addition to ovaries, placenta and uterine lining produce relaxin and its levels reach the highest during the first trimester. It is said to increase the blood flow to placenta, in preparation to meet the increasing demands for oxygen and nutrients to your growing baby. Towards the end of pregnancy, however, relaxin takes up the important role of relaxing your pelvic ligaments to induce labour.

Tips and advice for Pregnancy Week 13

What will happen during an ultrasound this time?

In all your coming ultrasounds, the sonographer will measure the distance between your baby’s head and her bottoms. This length is called the Crown to rump length (CRL) and is critical in assessing your baby’s growth and age.

Plan a Baby Moon

With the arrival of your baby, your married life is sure to see a change. Of course, holding your cute bundle in your arms is an exhilarating feeling.  But added to it will be sleepless nights, baby cries, nappy changes and a lot more, especially in the first few months. That is why we recommend you to take time off from your routine now to enjoy a special baby moon, before the onset of your third trimester.


A beach holiday, a spa pamper or a resort stay – plan whatever will not hurt your belly and may be your wallet too. In a few months, you will be promoted from a couple to a family and that means these are your last few months together alone. Recollect your honey moon days; talk what has changed over from then till now on your baby moon; solve anything that is unresolved between you two for there can be no better time than now to do it. 

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