Pregnancy Week 12

If youve checked yourself at the mirror all these while for signs of your growing baby, here it might come the baby bump at pregnancy week 12! Just a week away for your second trimester to begin, the queasiness may seem to leave you slowly, while for some pregnant mothers, it can well last through the middle of the second or third trimesters as well.

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Pregnancy Week 12
Pregnancy Week 12
What’s happening to your baby?

Your little busy bee is as big as a lime at week 12 pregnancy. If you try teasing your baby by gently prodding your belly, she might actually be reacting to it. Although you may not see or feel her response, an ultrasound can capture her annoyance of being disturbed during her nap. This response is because of her newly developed reflexes. She can flex her fingers and curl up her toes now, in addition to bend and stretch her knees.

Her eyelids are fused together at this stage. They will remain so until week 27. Her digestive system is beginning to function by causing peristaltic movements in the stomach. The contractions and relaxation of muscles in the stomach are going to help your baby in digestion when she arrives out.

Her bones have developed within, distinct soft tissues, the bone marrow. The bone marrow now begins to make white blood cells, the fighter cells of her body.

What’s happening to your body? Behold, your Bump is arriving!

That single-most prestigious possession of your pregnancy which you’ll carry around for the next seven months – the bump – is beginning to show up now. It might just look like a rounded tummy after a heavy meal. But keep looking closer, your waistline is actually getting bigger and it is not by chance that your jeans are becoming tighter.

Feel easy about your Headaches

Many pregnant women complain of headaches at around 12 weeks. The common reasons for headaches now could be:

·         This is a time when your hormones are seeing a shift in their levels.

·         You may be dehydrated with frequent urination.

·         Less food intake may reduce your blood sugar level.

Let the ‘ouch’ feeling on your head not worry you. Have plenty of fluids to keep your body hydrated Avoid skipping meals; instead have small, frequent meals to pull up your sugar levels.


Be prepared to witness bleeding gums

When one day you see yourself spitting blood while brushing, do not panic. Your teeth are more sensitive now and your gums are likely to bleed during your brushing time. There is nothing you need to do about it. It will subside with time.

Stay calm if you feel Dizzy Spells

Lightheadedness could be worse now. The network of blood vessels in your body has grown larger by now. And there is increasing pressure on them with the expanding uterus. Lie down for a while when you feel dizzy. Remember not to change positions swiftly. When you get up from the bed, do it slowly after turning to one side. Also, avoid standing or walking for longer time.

Tips and advice for Pregnancy Week 12 Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are one of the most recommended exercises during pregnancy. With your uterus exerting pressure on your lower abdomen, you may begin to experience urinary incontinence. That is, even with the slightest cough or sneeze, you may feel uncontrollable leaking of urine before you can hold up to the restroom.

Kegels can help to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Kegels are done by contracting your muscles that open up during urination. In other words, hold up your muscles like how you’ll do it to control peeing. Take care not to hold your breath or contract your legs or abdomen in the process. Count one to five before you relax. Repeat holding and relaxing for ten times, which makes one set of Kegels.


It is always advisable to learn to do Kegels from an experienced doctor or therapist. They can also guide you about how many sets of Kegels you can do in a day and at what intervals. 

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