Pregnancy Week 11

At pregnancy week 11, several body organs are undergoing growth spurts inside your tiny baby. You can feel your food cravings and aversions take strange tastes as you try to visualize different kinds of foods to figure out what your taste buds are up to.

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Pregnancy Week 11
Pregnancy Week 11

At week 11 of your pregnancy, your baby is as big as a fig. If your baby is a girl, her ovaries are developing this week. If a boy, man, he is already producing testosterone! Though his or her genitals get recognizable by the end of this week, it may take a few more weeks before your OB can read your baby’s gender.

His facial features are undergoing constant metamorphosis to look more like a human. His ears are moving closer to where they ought to be positioned. Nasal passages on his nose are beginning to open up. You’ll be surprised to know that a tiny tongue is forming inside her mouth and in fact, he now has a palate which can soon begin to recognize tastes.

Can you breathe water? I know how weird this question can sound. But, can you believe that your little baby is actually breathing small amounts of amniotic fluid every day? In fact his developing lungs are filled with amniotic fluid and he is practicing breathing the fluid before he can breathe in air after birth.

His bones in the arms and legs are hardening, and he can now happily stretch and roll his body inside the womb. The webs on his palms and feet gradually disappear. Instead, distinct digits that will make his fingers and toes can be visible soon.

What’s happening to your body? Is it getting better?

After the queasy roller coaster rides your hormones took you to, your pregnancy related morning sickness symptoms begin to slope the downhill, although it isn’t fully vanishing yet. For most pregnant women, nausea and vomiting stay up to 14 weeks. But the good news is that you, at last, feel hungry.

Are you gaining weight?

It is a good time to begin gaining weight. You must have already, if you didn’t throw up food to an extreme extent. Even if you didn’t, it is alright. On an average, only an increase of three pounds is what is expected in the first trimester. In another few weeks, when your morning sickness subsides, you are likely to pick up some weight.



Do you feel the jamming of your leg muscles?

Leg cramps are common throughout pregnancy. The muscles, particularly your calf muscles can feel cramped and painful during sleep, more so when you try to stretch them after a night’s sleep. For a few minutes it can feel unbearable but don’t worry, you will get used to it in the coming months.

Do you spot a dark line right down your belly?

What now?! Yes, pregnancy is full of surprises and in the line is Linea nigra. It is a dark pigmentation of your skin exactly alike a straight line running from a little above your navel, through it and down your belly. For what studies show, it is because of your pregnancy hormones (Yes, we have blamed them enough, but they really are the culprits). It shouldn’t worry you in anyway. Carry it as a pride now for in a while after the baby is born, it is going to go permanently away, or until your next pregnancy.

Tips and advice for Pregnancy Week 11 Schedule your First Trimester Screening

The Nuchal Translucency Screening (NTS) is commonly done between 10 to 14 weeks. Speak to your doctor about the test procedure. If you should have any questions about the test and what exactly is tested, it is a good time to get clarity from your OB.

In brief, NTS is a screening for genetic abnormalities which involves an ultrasound and a blood test. The region behind the baby’s neck is studied for thickness and fluid levels. Levels of the pregnancy hormones, hCG and PAPP-A are also tested. Along with other factors such as mother’s age and ethnicity, an overall evaluation is done.

Eat Right!


Now that since you are beginning to feel better, you may crave to gulp down anything you are able to. Though you have the right to cherish your palate after weeks of deprivation, know that you do not want to gain weight in disproportionate levels with unhealthy snacks. Speak to your OB about how much of weight gain is truly necessary at every stage of your pregnancy. Have nutritious food, nuts, fruits and plenty of water in your everyday diet. 

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