Pregnancy Week 10

The blueprint of your babys organs is laid out by now at pregnancy week 10 and you can expect a rapid growth of your baby and also your body in the next few months. Your breasts are enlarging, preparing your mammary glands for lactation. Your hips and waist can also see a change in shape as your uterus continues to bulge bigger.

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Pregnancy Week 10
Pregnancy Week 10
What’s happening to your baby?

As you complete one fourth of your pregnancy this week, imagine a little strawberry sitting inside your belly. At week 10 pregnancy, your baby in her fetal form is hustling in rapid growth and development of her body.

She is making her teeth this week. No, don’t get startled! She’s not going to be born with teeth. Neither is she going to get them until she is a few months after birth. Her teeth are just budding in their Lilliputian forms under the gums, this week. And at least for the next fourteen months, they will remain hidden with their roots getting nourished and strengthened. That is why it is important that your body has sufficient vitamin D levels.

Also, this week, tiny, bony protrusions in her arms and legs at the areas of knees, ankles, elbows and wrists are shaping out. In fact, she can flex her arms at the wrists; she can bend and stretch her arms at the elbows; her legs can move around the hip joints and her little palms can reach her heart now.

Her little body is carving out more intricate elements. Her eyebrows are beginning to grow. Her nails are forming and tiny hairs are shooting on her baby skin.

What’s happening to your body? Enlarged Breasts

Your physiology is in rapt attention to the growing needs of your baby. Not just that of her womb life, but also to her life outside your body, when she will be in your arms. Your breasts are developing mammary glands in preparation to lactation, because of which they begin to become enlarged. Yes, it is still a long way to breastfeed your baby, yet the mother-to-be in you is already filled with motherly warmth, both physically and emotionally.

Visible Veins

Some of you will be able to see a huge network of blood capillaries running through your skin, more on your breasts and belly. Called visible veins, during pregnancy, they sign how busy your circulatory system is carrying nutrients to your baby. Visible veins are normal and will disappear soon after delivery.



Vaginal Discharge

There is still a lot happening down below your belly. The hormones direct increased blood supply to your pelvic region and you may notice an increase in vaginal discharge. If you do, know that it is perfectly alright.

Tips and advice for Pregnancy Week 10 First Trimester Screening

At around 10 to 14 weeks, your OB will inform you about genetic screening tests that will test the risks for genetic abnormalities your baby might be carrying. Yes, it may sound scary for a mom-to-be to hear about the test for the first time. Know that it is safe, non-painful and you have the option to skip it altogether if you do not want to know anything about your baby’s genetic risks.

Nuchal Translucency Screening (NTS)

A combined screening which involves an ultrasound and a blood test can reveal if your baby is carrying a risk of Down syndrome. The region behind the baby’s neck is studied for thickness and fluid levels. Levels of the pregnancy hormones, hCG and PAPP-A are also tested. Along with other factors such as mother’s age and ethnicity, an overall evaluation is done.


The result of NTS indicates either a positive or a negative of the associated risks. A positive result usually needs further screening tests to confirm the risks. 

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