Pregnancy Sex Positions

Yes, you are pregnant. Yes, you are carrying a big bump on your front. And yes, perhaps your body has changed its shape from how it used to be. However, none of it has to stop you from getting intimate with your partner during pregnancy.

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Pregnancy Sex Positions
Pregnancy Sex Positions

Unless your doctor has warned you about an impending risk in having sex during pregnancy, your sex life can continue to be blissful throughout pregnancy. If it doesn’t hurt or put you down, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t indulge in an ecstatic pampering!

Here are a few tips and best sex positions for having healthy and comfortable sex during pregnancy:

Benefits of sex during pregnancy

As a matter of fact, having sex during pregnancy can provide good health to you and as well strengthen the bonding you both share as a couple as you progress towards the building of your family. Also, it is believed that having an orgasm can be a forerunner for contractions to begin. Prostaglandins present in the semen are found to induce labor though there aren’t detailed studies on it.

What do you have to change about the way you have sex during pregnancy?

·         It is important that you be open about what you feel on the bed. If morning sickness has been taking a toll on your energy levels or the queasiness is making you uncomfortable for an oral sex – make sure you talk about it to your partner to help him understand you.

·         Have enough pillows around before you start the game which you shall definitely need in later stages of pregnancy. Why break the charm after all the foreplay, uh?

·         Take care not to support your partner’s weight on you. You already have enough weight to shoulder.

·         You and your partner might have to play around to figure out the best sex positions that work for you both, especially, in your second and third trimester.

Why to avoid the missionary position for sex during pregnancy?

In the missionary position where the man is on the top, you might be intimidated by the falling of your partner’s weight on your belly. Not only the weight part that is risky in the missionary position but also lying flat on your back carries the risk of preventing blood flow to the placenta. Hence, though the most common sex position, it is better to avoid during pregnancy.

Best Sex Positions while pregnant Altered missionary position

If you both have been a die-hard missionary couple, you can get creative with the position. Your partner can bend on the knees to support his weight all by himself. You can lift your legs up supporting them around his waist. This way, you can continue to relish in your favorite style while making yourself safe and comfortable.

Lying side by side

Lie on your side with a pillow under your legs or between your legs for support. Let your partner lie on his side too facing your back entering from behind. When you don’t want to have deep penetrations, this position can comfortably give a great pleasure.

Go on your fours

The doggy style is one of the popular sex positions for deeper penetration which is alright until mid pregnancy. You go on all fours and have pillows to support your belly or elbows. Your partner kneels down behind you and enters from behind. You may not want to try this sex position towards your late pregnancy as your arms will have to take on too much pressure.

On the edge of the bed

You come to the edge of the bed with your feet on the floor or wound around your partner’s waist. You can arch a little backwards supporting your arms on the bed. Have your partner kneel down on the floor facing you. This position can be soothing for your aching back and allow you to face your partner for a greater intimacy.

On a chair

When lying down on the bed makes you uncomfortable, try sex on the chair. Let your partner sit on a comfortable and sturdy chair which gives enough room to stretch your legs outside. This is one of the best sex positions to get you both magically intimate. Getting down from the position with a big baby bump however can be challenging. Make sure you place the chair closer to a wall or sturdy furniture to hold it for support while getting down.

You on the top

While your partner lies down, you hop over him and take control. Yes, the woman on top position is by far the best to switch to the woman the control of penetration, instead of the man. Your abdomen can be free of pressure this way and you can stop or pause according to what makes you feel comfortable.

Beyond penetrative sex


Your pregnancy hormones may not green signal for sex on some days. When you are not into the mood to anything entering your vagina, you can still get intimate with your partner and have orgasms out of kissing, oral sex or mutual masturbation. 

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