Maternity Dresses

If you assume that your pregnancy bump can do no good to your looks, you might be wrong. Ditch your assumption that pregnancy is all about shapeless wears and clumsy looks. Check out our ideas for comfortable maternity clothes which can make your pregnant-self look smarter and beautiful.

Last Updated: Oct 22, 2020 11:29 GMT

Maternity Dresses
Maternity Dresses

With pregnancy, women tend to go out of shape. Yes, the expanding belly, the ballooning arms, the busting breasts, and the widening hips are a result of natural progression of all pregnancies. However, do not let your new body shape and size deter you from dressing-up well.

Here are five inspiring ideas to build your pregnancy closet with style and care:

In your first trimester: Add cool scoop-neck tops and blouson tops

Remember when you are pregnant, your boobs are going to show up even before your belly does. That means, right in your first trimester you are going to move your pre-pregnancy tops to the back of your closet. Certainly, you don’t want your growing boobs to fit into the tight tees any longer. Not only will it be a discomfort but also chest tightness will reduce your breathing capacity, which means less oxygen supply to the baby. Instead, get creative with a variety of blouson style tops that can show your breasts in style. More so, if you want to flaunt your cleavage (now that it’s super sexy than ever), then scoop-neck tops are a must-haves in your wardrobe.

When you are ready to announce your pregnancy: Go for comfy and chic skinny jeans

If you keep up with your regular pregnancy exercises, your legs aren’t going to re-size drastically. Yes, down below the pelvis is that one part you can still preserve from your other life! Why not highlight it now? As your bump begins to show off, invest in a pair of stretchy and comfortable skinny jeans or leggings and match it with a bold tunic. Be ready to surprise your folks when you announce your pregnancy, for you are now an unbelievably stylish mom-to-be.

As your bump grows bigger: Quit thinking big size - Why 2XL or 3XL?

So long may be you wanted to hide your bump, but now it’s revealing and you don’t have a choice. Whether you want to show off your prestigious bump or hold on to the secret for a little longer, it’s now time to furnish your wardrobe with brand new maternity collection. It’s common at this point to begin looking for overly-sized clothes. Pause before you think this way. Why pose the blah blah look when you can sport your cheeky self? Do you know how a bold look to your pregnancy can add energy and confidence to your baby-carrying personality? Quit confining into the extra large pregnancy dresses; get liberated with what is just right comfortable.

For the end and later, for the homestretch: Stock on some long knit dresses

In the third trimester, comfort is the only requirement. Your body’s centre of gravity shifts and there’s much to balance and pull off as you near the end of it all. As the emotion of motherhood sets into your being, grace your looks with long dresses and jersey knits. They can also continue to serve your wardrobe in the first months of your baby. Front-open maternity wears and maxi type pregnancy clothes are available at a budget. Go for a handful collection; it’ll save you much clothing hardships in the days to come.

Don’t forget the accessories: Your bras, shoes and jewelry matter as well!


Wearing right-sized bras of skin-friendly materials isn’t a luxury during pregnancy; it is a must-practice ritual to nurture your growing breasts. Even if you thought buying new pregnancy dresses aren’t important, you must definitely invest in good sets of bras. Just like your pregnancy clothes, you can be creative with your footwear and jewelry as well during pregnancy. If you are accustomed with high or pointed heels, it is a good idea to check with your doctor or a physical therapist about how it affects your posture and buoyancy. Coming to ornaments, don’t let the many pregnancy discomforts shatter your style statement. It’s a privilege to build a new life – from the scratch! Why not celebrate your privilege and pamper yourself and your maternity closet with love, care and abundance?!

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