Baby Shower


While there are a plethora of baby shower ideas all around, if you are just beginning to wonder what all must be included in your baby shower party and how to go about planning it, here we give you some good start points:

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Baby Shower
Baby Shower

Playing the host of a baby shower can be fun. You may be a family member of the mom-to-be, or her close friend, a well-wisher, or you may want to throw a baby shower for your own family.

Think about a convenient date

To begin with, choose a date to have the baby shower party. You may make a list of dates initially and narrow down to one as your baby shower plans progress. Most often, baby showers happen in the last two months of pregnancy. Consider the convenience of the pregnant mom and the guests. Weekends are the most preferred times. Also check if there are memorable dates around the time, for the mom and her family, say something like their wedding anniversary or their first date which they may want to overlap with the baby shower date.

Fix a budgetBaby showers can be anything from a mini tea party at home to a grand celebration at an exquisite party hall, which will depend on how much you are going to spend. If not for a fixed number, have a rough idea about your budget before you begin, so that you dont end up diverting all the money to food and have nothing left for the decorations.

Check the possible baby shower party venues

Depending upon how big or small you want the party, you can choose where you want the baby shower to happen. The mom-to-be may as well be asked for her preference. Some might prefer their home especially when their pregnancies near full-term. Some might want a break from their home air and chill out outside. You might also want to consider the distance of the venue for the guests, and even more about the travel convenience of the mom.

Make a guest list

So, who all are going to be there? While traditionally, baby showers are more about mommy friends, it is your choice if you want to join in the daddy and his buddies as well. Why, if there are older siblings to the baby-to-be, inviting their friends to the party can add up more fun too.

Decide on a baby shower theme

Yes, it is not necessary to have a theme, but planning on a theme can add a memorable element to the day. There are a number of inspirations for baby shower theme ideas, spread around the internet, books, and magazines. You may also bring up a unique theme which you may keep as a surprise for the mom-to-be until she arrives at the party. The party can look great when your chosen theme is reflected in all your arrangements, party decors, food, and clothes.

Arrange cateringWhen you are planning for a party, perhaps, a good load of work is going to be the arrangement of refreshments. Whether it is all going to be homemade or be ordered from a caterer, or guests are going to bring an item each, plan everything ahead. Most baby showers include light snacks, beverages, and desserts which should be easy to arrange, provided it is a small party.

Create a baby registry

Though it is not mandatory, it is a good idea to create a baby registry which lists what the mom-to-be needs for her baby. Without a registry, gifts that come in might end up repeated. Five sets of baby blankets or two baby seaters are not something one is going to be excited about. Hence, having a baby registry can help the guests choose what to gift the mom and her baby.

Organize Baby shower eventsA casual get-together over a coffee can, as well, make a baby shower. But, if you want to add real fun and excitement to the day think about organizing baby shower games, or a genderrevealmoment.

Prepare thank you notes and return gifts

How would it be if the guests can take something nice along with them? Hand-written thank you notes or, cute gifts like a candle holder or a photo frame for theguests will certainly remain a wonderful keepsake and a warm reminder of the occasion.


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