Baby Gender Prediction


From Chinese Gender Predictor to food cravings, some old midwives' tales are fun to predict your baby's gender. Scroll further down for a list of top 10 baby gender prediction ideas.

Last Updated: Oct 22, 2020 11:29 GMT

Baby Gender Prediction
Baby Gender Prediction

Coming to know if you are carrying a boy or a girl is one of the fascinating moments of pregnancy. It will take 20 weeks for an ultrasound for baby gender prediction. If the curiosity until then is a killer, check these old midwives' tales to guess whos inside a prince or a princess. Well, but hold on until your doctor confirms before you plan a baby shower or design the nursery.

Fetal heart rate

How fast your little bubs heart is pacing can tell you if its a he or a she. A girl fetus heart beats over 140 beats per minute while for a boy its lower than 140 beats per minute.

Food cravings

Have you transformed into a sweet-mongering monster ever since you became pregnant? Its a girl inside then. With a boy, you would tend to crave savoury items.

The shape of the bump

If you were to meet your grandmother during your pregnancy, she can take a quick look at your belly to predict who is arriving. Carrying a low baby bump indicates a boy while a high bump is a sign of a baby girl.

Pregnancy Glow

How do family and friends describe the changes on your face? If they say you are glowing than usual, its a boy. If the glow is a little dim with acne, its a girl.

Morning sickness

If your days have been terrible with throwing up and nausea, you are more likely carrying a girl. Instead, if you have been feeling quite alright, its a boy.

Breast size

Now, this is funny. Cup both your breasts with your palms. Do you feel one bigger than the other? If the left is bigger, theres a boy inside. If the right is bigger, you have a girl in there.

The Chinese calendar

The Chinese gender predictor chart has columns of moms age at the time of conception against rows of the month of conception. Check for the month you conceived for your age. If the intersecting square is pink, its a girl while a blue square means a boy.

Urine test

Want to do something scientific? Collect a few drops of your urine in a cup. Add a pinch of sodium bicarbonate to it. Do you see a fizzle in the cup? If yes, its a boy. Else, its a girl.


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