Pregnancy: Stages Of Pregnancy, Symptoms, Pregnancy Care, Due Date Calculator, And Much More


Pregnancy: Congratulations! As you step into this incredible journey of pregnancy and motherhood, we gift you our go-to guides for just everything you need to know about pregnancy.

Last Updated: Sep 08, 2021 07:22 GMT

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Pregnancy: Stages Of Pregnancy, Symptoms, Pregnancy Care, Due Date Calculator, And Much More

Hurray! Your home pregnancy test shows up two pink lines. It is time for a celebration! You can now relish in the most-awaited feeling – the beginning of motherhood! Find out how at ParentingDelight, we help make your pregnancy an easy ride.

In medical terms, the date when your baby is expected to be born is referred to as Estimated Due Date (EDD). Henceforth, you would get to see ‘EDD’ quite often, in your scan reports, doctor’s notes etc.

While your regular ultrasound scan can predict your pregnancy due date, we provide you information that can help you understand your baby due date at a greater depth. You can also estimate your due date with our due date calculator.

You can secretly discover your pregnancy even before the common pregnancy symptoms show up with our early signs of pregnancy. From morning sickness and nausea to leg cramps and feet swelling, pregnancy comes with its own set of symptoms. We serve you elaborate content for each of the common pregnancy symptoms in our pregnancy symptoms section.

In our pregnancy week-by-week guide, you can learn what happens to your baby in the womb and the changes your body undergoes during each of the 40-42 weeks of your pregnancy. We also support each week’s progress with important tips, advice and information appropriate to the pregnancy week.

In addition to the pregnancy week-by-week information, our pregnancy stages section describes your pregnancy month wise, trimester wise etc.

From predicting your baby’s gender to baby shower ideas, you can get interesting tips on preparing for your baby’s arrival.

Also, from what to wear during pregnancy to how to have sex during pregnancy, our pregnancy care tips are curated for your important pregnancy needs.

We provide you careful content on common pregnancy complications in order to help you get educated on important pregnancy complications, their signs, causes, risks and treatment.

And, as you near your D-day, we want you to be that confident and enduring mom-to-be. All our articles on labor and delivery shall bring on that magic on you! Whether you decide to water birth your baby or have an open birthing plan, don’t miss to read all our good-to-know information in there.