Baby Sleep: Infant Sleep And Proper Remedies For Sleep Issues


Baby Sleep: Your baby's sleep pattern keeps changing as months progress, explore more on Infant Sleep here along with the perfect remedy for the various sleeping issues for babies. Track your Baby’s Sleep, understand the sleeping pattern of your child and know What is good for the baby, read more on baby sleep here.

Last Updated: Sep 08, 2021 10:31 GMT

Baby Sleep: Infant Sleep And Proper Remedies For Sleep Issues

Your baby’s sleep is an important aspect in her growth and development. In the first few days, infants may be waking up frequently in the nights and taking frequent naps in the day time. As the months progress, their sleep pattern keeps changing.

The number of hours babies sleep reduces with age. A one-month old may sleep longer than a six-month old. Learn how much sleep your baby needs in each stage of growing-up.

Day time naps are as important to your baby as night sleep. Some babies nap two times in a day for longer hours while some may take frequent short naps. Understand the sleep patterns of your baby. Read why sleep is important for your baby’s normal growth and development.

It can be exhausting to wake up in the middle of nights with your baby, soothe her and put her back to sleep. Over a period of several months, sleep disturbance can affect your everyday life. It may have an adverse effect on your day life, bringing in fatigue and mood swings. Get tips on how to cope with waking up in the nights to attend to your baby’s needs.

If your baby has an underlying health issue, it may bother her from sleeping well. Learn how to identify if your baby is to have a sleep problem and when to seek medical assistance. Know everything about your baby’s sleep from our articles on baby sleep.