Baby Gear, Play & Activities

Newborns begin to play the day they are born. As they observe a colorful mobile, as they try to reach a nearby toy during tummy time and as they begin to touch and feel objects around, they are beginning an amazing journey of exploration. From appropriate gears to buy for your newborns to helpful activities for their development, you can get to read it all here.

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Baby Gear, Play & Activities Articles

Baby Gear, Play & Activities

Play is important to a baby’s development. Babies begin to play early. Infants throwing their feet up in the air is a sort of play for them. When as a parent you have a holistic understanding of your baby’s growth and development, you will appreciate every little move your baby does. Learn more about why play is important to your baby.

How do you get started with playing with your baby? You might assume your baby isn’t ready yet to play with you. However, studies suggest initiating playtime with your baby as early as possible enhances the bonding and improves your baby’s emotional and cognitive development. Find from our articles, what to play with your baby, how to choose toys for your newborn and play ideas.

Safety is critical especially when your baby begins to crawl and move around the house. We guide you  how to make your home child proof while at the same time she is not deprived of exploring objects around the house.

It could be confusing while choosing baby gears like strollers or ride-ons. Which one will work for your needs, how to know if your baby will show interest to use or how much to spend for each – we help you get clarity on such questions you may have on baby gears.

We give you more information in this section on play groups, reading aloud with your children, screen time etc.