Teething Remedies


The arrival of the first tooth is another great milestone in your babys life. But it can be disturbing to your little one for the initial few weeks. Here we have compiled some soothing teething remedies for your babies.

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Teething Remedies
Teething Remedies
When teething starts?

The medical term for teething is “Odotiasis”. The most common time teething tends to happen is between 6 and 9 months. During the teething time, the teeth start to erupt from the gums. The first two teeth that erupt are located in the top and bottom of the centre. The rest of the teething process follows an outward pattern ending with the molars.

Signs of teething

·         Red, swollen and tender gums

·         Irritability, fussiness and crying

·         A slight raise in temperature (less than 101 F)

·         Troubling or wanting to chew on hard things

·         Too much of drool

·         Decrease in appetite

·         Sleep disturbances

·         Pulling the ear and rubbing the cheek

·         Chewing on objects

Teething can be painful for babies. Some of the symptoms are normal. However if you notice that your baby has vomiting, diarrhea, rashes on the body, a high fever, loss of appetite, cough and congestion during the teething period contact your pediatrician immediately.

Teething remedies

Teething can be a bit painful and uncomfortable for your baby. Some soothing remedies need to be tried to make her feel easy and comfortable. These teething remedies need to be customized and find what works better for your baby. Remember whatever you try should be nontoxic and safe for your children.

1. Cold

Cold is considered to be a simple remedy for teething. You can freeze some safe items like a cold pacifier, a wet washcloth that are safe to be placed in the gums. Make sure that you do not provide any choking hazards and always keep an eye on what is happening. A frozen washcloth can be an ideal choice and you can freeze it for 20 to 30 minutes and place it on your baby’s gums for a few minutes. Teething rings can also be tried but it must not be frozen completely. Clean the washcloth and other stuff after every use.

If your baby eats solid foods, you can serve cold foods like applesauce, yogurt and refrigerated or frozen fruit.  

2. Fingers may work

Breastfeeding can provide some comfort to babies during their teething period. But they have a temptation to bite the nipples. In such cases, you can rub your baby’s gums with your clean finger.

3. Tea

Chamomile tea is a natural ingredient in teething products and it can provide a soothing effect during the teething process. The tea that you provide your baby should be free from caffeine. You can freeze chamomile in the mesh teethers or offer a few sips on a spoon or dip your finger in the tea and place it on your baby’s gums.

4. Home Remedies

Ginger can be a wonderful solution to teething pain and has a soothing effect. Vanilla extract and almond extract can also provide a soothing effect to the soreness.

5. Amber Jewelry

Amber jewelry like a necklace, bracelet, or anklet is considered to be an old teething remedy for teething. Baltic amber contains succinic acid and it can provide relief to the teething pain. The American Academy of Pediatrics says that the beads can be a choking hazard and does not recommend the use of amber jewelry for teething pain.

6. Teethers

Silver teethers can be sterilized and more hygienic than the plastic ones. Silicone and wooden teethers are also available that are filled with liquid or gel. Freezing can increase the effectiveness.


·         Do not use over the counter teething gels and liquids that contain benzocaine. It can cause serious side effects.

·         Avoid using homeopathic teething tablets

·         Teething necklaces, bracelets or anklets can be a choking hazard, cause strangulation, mouth injury and infection.





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