Life After Baby Arrives


Life after Baby Arrives- Yes! It completely changes. Your priorities and schedule- everything will be based on your baby. Continue reading to know how your life turns to be so interesting and exciting after your baby arrives.

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Life After Baby Arrives
Life After Baby Arrives
Life after baby arrives 1. The D day has come

You and your partner have been waiting for nine months to see your little one. And finally the most wonderful and priceless moment in your life has come. Yes- you will be filled with multiple emotions and very excited to realize that you have become parents. Your newborn’s face, the very tiny hands and legs- everything is all about to cherish and enjoy. You will feel blessed and grateful for the moment and start developing unconditional love to your child.

2. New priorities and schedules

Well after the arrival of your little one, you will have no time to look after you. Your life completely changes and your child gets the topmost attention and priority. You have to schedule your priorities and work according to your child’s needs. You start developing a personalized parenting style that works for you.

3. Sleepless nights

Your day-night balance will be completely altered- as your baby wakes up during the night. You will have lots of sleepless nights and finally you will start sleeping whenever your newborn sleeps.

4. Less time for “U”

You and your partner will hardly find time to speak. As most of the time you will be busy feeding, changing the diaper and having fun with your little one, you feel you have no time to spend with your partner. Well, you both have to allot a time and discuss how life has changed beautifully and what you are planning for your child. It is always good to take help of others if you both are unable to handle and manage your time.

5. Meeting old friends and relatives

Your friends and relatives will be delighted to come and meet your child. Most of them give advice on parenting and share their memories.

6. Fun time

You completely become sillier and start doing funny moments to make your child comfortable and laugh. The more you interact with them, the more your bond strengthens. Children learn from your actions. You will learn techniques on how to handle your baby if she turns to be fussy at times.

7. No rules

During parenting, you will realize that no rule works and you have to go with what your child says. She will eat only when she wants and most of the time neither of your efforts works.

8. New person

·         You will start looking at the bigger picture of life.

·         You will become more responsible, matured, confident and patient.

·         You will start to do lots of financial planning, which you might not have done before.

·         You will start respecting your parents more than before.

·         Your love towards your child becomes limitless.

·         You will lose interest in the material world. You develop an inner strength.

·         You will start taking better care for your health, for the sake of your child.


It is no wonder that children change our lives. 


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