Finger Food for Babies

Any food that is easy for your baby to pick and is bite size and the one your baby could eat by himself is termed as a finger food. A finger food makes your child to become independent and will develop healthy eating habits in him. Your child will enjoy eating finger foods. Continue reading to know more about finger foods.

Last Updated: 21 February 2021

Finger Food for Babies
Finger Food for Babies
When to start finger foods?

The appropriate age for starting your baby on finger foods would be six months. It also depends on what weaning method you have practiced. Teeth are really not necessary for finger foods as gums are super strong.

Preparation of finger foods

The food that you are planning to give your baby should be safe and easy for them to pick up and put in the mouth. Also it should melt and get gummed in the mouth. Children during 6 to 8 months of time require long strips of food which provides easy grip. Once your baby turns nine months, they would have developed fine motor skills and will be able to pick up smaller pieces of food.

The texture of the food is important; it should neither be too soft nor too hard. You can definitely add spices and herbs which will add extra flavor to your dish.

Any of the cooking methods like roasting, steaming, sautéing and boiling will work out. Some children love roasted ones others may prefer boiled fingers. So try which works for your child.

How much to offer?

As with any other foods, your baby will decide how much they really want. The only thing to take care of is to give them a balanced diet of finger foods so that they get the ample nutrition. Be patient until they are comfortable with the texture and taste of the food. Also provide them foods that are appropriate for their age.

Precautions to follow

Be sure that your child is sitting in an upright position, preferably in a high chair while eating finger foods.

Always supervise your child and don’t let younger kids to feed them.

Always notice if there are any signs of gagging and choking.

Introduce one food at a time and have an eye on if your child develops any allergies

Ideal finger foods for babies For beginners:

·         Steamed vegetables like carrot, cauliflower, potato and fruits like apple

·         Roasted vegetables like carrot, pumpkin and potato

·         Peeled fruits

·         Baked vegetables

·         Boiled pasta

·         Cooked meat

Finger foods for babies (9 to 10 months)

·         Patties and fritters

·         Rolls and balls

·         Bread and pancakes

·         Meat and fish

·         Bars and biscuits

·         Pastas and pizzas

·         Cookies

·         Cakes and muffins

·         Small cubes of tofu

·         Chopped hard boiled egg

Helpful tools to serve finger foods

Easy to hold a fork and spoon, bowl or sectioned plate, open lid cup, baby wipes

Foods to avoid

·         Raw vegetables and fruits

·         Whole nuts or large pieces of nuts

·         Honey

·         Whole fruits with stones

·         Avoid high mercury fish such as swordfish & king mackerel

·         Foods with too much of sugar and salt

·         Raisins and other dried fruit

·         Whole hot dogs

·         Untoasted bread, especially white bread that sticks together

·         Chunks of cheese or meat

·         Candy (hard candy, jelly beans, gummies, chewing gum)

·         Popcorn, pretzels, corn chips, and other snack foods

There are lots of finger food recipes available. Try and enjoy. 

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