Baby Heat Rash

Baby skin is extremely tender and even a little above normal condition, say, warmer weather or strong soaps can make their skin react. Baby heat rash is one such response of a babys skin to a rise in the surrounding temperature.

Last Updated: Oct 22, 2020 11:29 GMT

Baby Heat Rash
Baby Heat Rash

Heat rash in babies is a common prevalence that occurs when they are exposed to unusual levels of heat. 

What are the symptoms of heat rash in babies?

Baby’s skin when irritated by heat becomes reddish and develops tiny red bumps on its surface. Just like in adults, heat rash can be easily identified in babies as well. Look for places which are more prone to be covered by clothes or skin folds. The common areas of occurrence of baby heat rash are the armpits, neck, chest, tummy, buttocks and groin. It can cause a pricking or an itchy sensation to the baby.

What causes baby heat rash?

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The cause of baby heat rash is simple and straight forward – there’s too much heat around. The physiological response of the body to external heat stimuli is to produce sweat. From the sweat glands, sweat passes through the pores on the skin to reach the skin surface. In babies, the pores are so tiny that even a little amount of sweat can easily clog them. As a result, sweat being blocked from perspiring to the outside begins to manifest as heat rash from under the skin surface.

What is the treatment for heat rash in babies?

Your first step of action must be towards lowering the humidity of your home. If it’s winter and your home heating level inside is on the higher side, regulate it at once. Sometimes, we may tend to over-clothe our babies in order to protect them from the outside cold. In the process, we may subject them to unexpected heat, instead. So, make sure they are wearing right.

During summers, if you live in a hot climate, it is natural for babies to form heat rash. Bring your baby to a cool atmosphere by using an air conditioner. Also, if your baby is wearing tight clothes of a material which can trap heat within, loosen them and make her body breathe freely.

Baby heat rash usually subsides by itself once the affecting heat is reduced. However, if it persists, let your pediatrician have a look at your baby. Some might prescribe a mild medication depending on the severity of the rash.

It is not advisable to use creams or lotions without the advice from a doctor. Due to the extreme sensitivity of baby skin, an allergic reaction to common skin creams is not rare in babies.

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How to prevent baby heat rash?

While one wouldn’t predict when a baby might develop a heat rash, it is better to keep your baby protected from adverse effects of heat and humidity at all times. Refrain from exposing your baby to direct sunlight for long hours. Use cotton clothes on your baby in summers and make sure not to overdress in winters. 


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