Here are the starter tips for a smooth diapering experience for your baby and for you!

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In the first few days, it may so happen that you feel strangely delicate with your newborn. Feeding or diapering, you may feel like an inexpert at anything that you try to do with your baby. Relax mommy! We are here to give you the confidence that you are doing just great. Here are the starter tips for a smooth diapering experience for your baby and for you, as well. Remember, in a matter of a few days, you are going to be an expert, at just everything with your baby! 

Where to change your Baby’s Diaper?

Some might prefer an exclusive diaper change table at home. If you don’t prefer to allocate such an arrangement, you can use the bed or other safe and comfortable place for your baby. 

What are the diaper essentials you need?

Before you begin to change your baby’s diaper, make sure to keep handy all the essential stuff you would require. Once you lay your baby down, refrain from leaving your baby alone, even if it is for a few seconds. Babies are known to squirm off from their positions even before you realize they did it. Here’s all that you’ll need:


  • New diapers: It is a good idea to take more than one, in case the new one gets soiled while changing or the tab rips off. 
  • Baby wipes: Wet, mildly soaped diaper wipes are commonly used. If you want to give a warm experience to your baby, you can also use a clean wiping cloth dipped and squeezed in lukewarm water. 
  • Changing Mat: This is optional in case you want to place it under your baby during the diaper change. You can also use a blanket or a towel instead. 
  • Diaper rash cream: You will need it only if your baby is prone to diaper rashes. Some use petroleum jelly in the place of a cream. You know it best what to use for your baby. 
  • A diaper disposal bin: A trash can or bag for the disposal of dirty diaper and used wipes.

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How to change your baby’s diaper?

Changing your baby's diaper often is important to keep your baby away from diaper rash. Below are the steps to change your baby's diaper without hurting your baby.


  • Step 1: Make sure your hands are clean before you begin. 
  • Step 2: Gently place your baby on the change mat or blanket or towel. 
  • Step 3: You can place a clean, open diaper beneath your baby’s bottoms if you are confident that you can do the whole thing without dirtying the clean one. If you are doubtful, keep the clean diaper aside until it is required. 
  • Step 4: Open the tabs of your baby’s dirty diaper and bring the front side of it out. With one hand lift your baby’s legs from the ankles so that the bottoms are fully visible for cleaning. The front side of the diaper is usually cleaner than the bottom side, so use it to do the first step cleaning of your baby’s bottoms if it is heavily soiled. Always wipe from the front to the back. This prevents entry of dirt or microbes into your baby’s genitals. 
  • Step 5: Fold the dirty diaper from front on to the back and place the outer, clean side under your baby’s bottoms.
  • Step 6: Babies are known to pee soon after the diaper is opened. Baby boys, especially, can bestow on you a pee fountain. So, it can do you good if you keep his penis covered with a cloth. 


  • Step 7: Still holding your baby at the ankles and lifting her bottoms up, clean her using baby wipes from front to the back. For baby boys, clean the area under the penis and on to the top of the penis. Do not pull back his foreskin. 
  • Step 8: Use extra wipes if your baby pooped to clean thoroughly. 
  • Step 9: Either discard the used wipes into the trash bin or wrap them within the dirty diaper and seal the tabs. It would now look neatly packed and ready for disposal into the trash. 
  • Step 10: Pat dry her bottoms and front with a dry cloth or leave it open for a few seconds to air dry. 
  • Step 11: If applying rash cream is needed, do it now. 
  • Step 12: Open a clean diaper and place the top portion of it under your baby’s bottoms so that the tabs are open on either side. Let her legs rest down now. Pull the front portion of the diaper on to her belly and seal the tabs to it. If the umbilical cord hasn’t healed yet, take care not to close the area with the diaper. 
  • Step 13: Keep a check that the diaper isn’t too tight at the area in between the thighs. Let it also be not too loose else your baby’s stuff is going to leak through the diaper. 
  • Step 14: All done now, dress your little one, bring him close for a sweet cuddle and see how relieved and comfortable he feels after the diaper change and of course, in your warmth.

Follow the steps mentioned above to change your baby's diaper easily.

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