Baby Development Games


Playing games with your baby strengthens your bonding with them and also boosts their skills and development. Play is essential for wellbeing, bonding and development of your newborn. Continue reading to know what games you can play that make them enjoy the most and the best.

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Baby Development Games
Baby Development Games
Fun Baby Games

The fun games that you plan to play with your baby must be simple and full of excitement. The games must help them learn about the world. Do have an eye on your baby to know when she is ready for the playtime. The common signs that babies let you know that they are ready for playtime include watching other people with interest, smiles at you and reaches out of you. As you play with your baby, you will start realizing what works for them the best and what they love the most. Eventually you will start exploring new fun games for your baby. When infants get bored with the games after a while they tend to cry, start spitting up and look away.

Baby Development Games

Babies require a lot of one-on-one attention and different sets of experiences during their play time. The playtime makes them build their muscle strength and also develop fine motor skills and gross motor skills.

1. Peek-a-boo

This is one of the easiest and fun filling games that you can play with your baby. You hide your face behind your hands, wait for a while, and move your hands away while you say “Peek-a-boo”. Your child will be excited about your disappearing and reappearing act. This game gives them confidence that even when you go away you will come back in a while. As month’s pass, your baby will try to find you behind your hands and get thrilled and excited. This is definitely a development boosting game.

2. Dance

To increase the emotional attachment and bonding you can prefer performing a simple dance with them with slow turns. This will make her laugh and help her calm down if she is fussy. Different beats and different music is thought to stimulate various parts of the brain and help them develop language and social skills.

3. Patty Cake

"Patty-cake, patty-cake, baker's man, bake me a cake as fast as you can. Put the cake in the oven and give it to me and my baby. This clapping game may help your child learn a good number of skills.  The rhythm and the tune make them acquire language skills. As babies develop older, they will try repeating the rhythm, clap their hands. Gradually they will develop large motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

4. Identifying body parts

Your newborn loves watching your face. You can help your child learn the different parts of the body by simply asking “Where is your head?” and “Where are your fingers?” This makes them develop language skills and they will start understanding simple words and their meaning. They will slowly be able to identify the nearby objects in your home.

5. Shake, Rattle, and Roll

This is a simple fun filled development game. Try shaking the rattle before your child. She slowly turns her head towards the direction of the sound and tries identifying the source of rattling. You can also play this game by filling empty bottles with grains, buttons and rice. As you shake the bottles they will be interested to know what the bottle contains and try chasing for the bottle. This game makes them develop attention and concentration.

6. Rhyme Time

In the initial few months, babies love to hear the sounds of family members and they like hearing repetitive sounds. Rhyme time is the wonderful opportunity to engage your baby and boost their language skills. Make them hear kids’ friendly, nursery rhymes and simple songs.

7.  Ball Games

When your baby is able to catch and throw things, ball games are an ideal choice to play with. Choose a ball designed for infants with different textures and colours. You can play according to the age of your child by simply rolling the ball or placing the ball in a container and asking them to pick up the ball.

8. Outdoor adventures

A fresh air provides a sense of delight to your babies. You can also prefer to place your baby in strollers. As you walk, you can narrate them what you are seeing. Parks, supermarket can be ideal choices for the outdoors.

9. Sit and pick

If your baby is able to sit comfortably in a chair, you can try placing play materials like homemade finger paint, or play dough and some simple toys. The things should be of different sizes, shapes, colours and texture. This allows them to pick up the toys and develop fine motor skills.  

10. Reading

You can show them books that contain lots of pictures. This makes them identify objects. You can also read loud and sing songs and rhymes. This makes them develop the habit of reading at an early age.

Have fun with your baby by exploring lots of games. Good luck!




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