Baby Clothes

Dressing a newborn is more about protection and comfort than fashion. Picking a couple of exotic baby clothes is not a bad idea though for a regular routine, here are some general guidelines to dress a newborn.

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Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes

How to Dress a Newborn?

The days that precede the arrival of your little champ can be exciting in many ways. One sure is building his wardrobe, more so because you are going to do it from the scratch - literally!

Baby clothes are too cute to resist buying. That pink tutu skirt, the Daddy’s Little Dude onesie, the purple butterfly dress – yes, every mini dress and suit your eyes fall upon look wow! You imagine how adorable each of them would be on your newborn.

You are right; your newcomer will no doubt look heavenly in these lovable clothes. But you must also know that for the first few weeks, you really aren’t going to either think about dressing your baby fashionably or does your little one need a huge closet of an exquisite collection. 

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Dressing a newborn is more about protection and comfort than fashion. Picking a couple of exotic clothes is not a bad idea though, specifically if you have a big photo shoot plan with your darling little. Otherwise, for a regular routine, here are some general guidelines to dress a newborn:

1. Go for front-open clothes

Your baby’s head and neck are still fragile. It might take a couple of months or longer to hold him without supporting his neck. Until then, it’s easier and safer to dress him in front-open clothes. He is definitely not going to like pulling anything off over his head. 

2. Ensure the fabric is soft 

Light weight, cotton fabric would go best for a just-born. Make sure there aren’t hard accessories on the clothes like fancy buttons, beads or pearls which may press against his skin. Remove any tags or labels from new clothes. Keep his belly button area free of dress folds or anything that can poke. Keep in mind that, in a newborn, the belly button takes a while to dry. 

3. Wash baby clothes before first use

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It is recommended to do a gentle wash of new clothes before first use. This will ensure fabric softness and also is hygienic. Do not use strong detergents while washing your baby’s clothes which may cause irritation to baby skin. Check for doctor-recommended mild baby detergents. 

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4. Dress in appropriate-sized clothes

If your baby is larger than an average newborn, you shouldn’t try to fit him into the clothes meant for average-sized babies. Tight clothes may be uncomfortable for him and carry risks for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), specifically when the clothes are too tight at the neck or chest. 

5. Dress according to the seasons

The climate and the room temperature is a must to consider when dressing your infant. Remember that your baby’s body temperature must be maintained around 98 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. In winters, add layers to his primary wears so that when he feels too warm, you can remove a layer instead of having to change his clothes. For summers, do not over dress than what is required. Heat can get trapped in between layers of clothes making your baby hot. 

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6. Add accessories during travels

Dressing your baby when you are carrying him outside can be different. If you are taking him on a stroller or in the car seat, it is a good idea to add a hat, mittens and socks depending on how warm or cold the weather is. Also, a blanket on top of his clothes might be essential when he is out. 

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