Baby Bath

As a first-time mother, it can be a nervous experience when you have to bath your baby in the first few days. You may also be unsure if you are doing it all the right way. In time, of course, you are going to be that expert mom who will be fun to play with during bath times for your baby. For now, relax mommy and check some basic to-knows about bathing your baby here.

Last Updated: Oct 22, 2020 11:29 GMT

Baby Bath
Baby Bath

When should you give your baby the first bath?

It is ideal to wait until your baby’s umbilical cord falls off, which usually happens within three weeks after birth. If your baby boy is circumcised, you must hold on until it heals completely before you can give a bath. If you are unsure, check with your doctor.

How do you bath your baby until then?

Until it’s time for a tub bath, sponge-bath your baby. Know that a newborn isn’t going to get dirty and you needn’t worry if you are keeping your baby clean. A gentle sponge-bath is enough bath care for your baby in the initial weeks.

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How do you sponge-bath your baby?

Place your baby on a safe and comfortable area in the lying-on-the back position. Make sure his back is on a soft material like a clean towel. Remove his clothes and wrap him in a warm baby blanket or towel if the room temperature is cold. Wet a sponge in warm water and gently wash your baby, making sure his body temperature isn’t going down. Pat dry, for instance the hands, before you move to the legs. The sponge-bath must be quick and wrap the baby soon after to make him feel warm.

How often does your baby need a bath?

Babies do not need to be bathed every day. Bathing twice or thrice a week is sufficient. You must, however, make sure that your baby’s face, mouth and the diaper area are wipe-cleaned every day.

How to give your baby a regular bath?

Once your baby is ready for a regular bath, bring him to the sink or bath tub. Below is a list of helpful steps and tips to bath your baby:

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·         Keep the items you will require to bath the baby like the towel, baby soap, shampoo, baby clothes etc. nearby so that you get to save some inconvenience later.

·         Remember to use one of your hands to hold your baby’s head, neck and back from behind all the time while you do the rest with your other hand.

·         Fill in the bath tub with luke warm water. To check the optimum temperature of water, dip your elbow or inside of your palms into it. Keep in mind that your baby’s skin is tender and his warmth threshold is lesser than yours.

·         It is a good idea to turn off the heater or lower the temperature to prevent any accidents, like if the tap happens to get turned on suddenly.

·         Gently place your baby into the bath tub while making sure his face and neck are outside the water level. A one or two-inch level of water should be enough for a newborn.

·         Some parents prefer to wash the babies with plain water while others may prefer to use a mild, baby soap. Wash your baby softly, not more than a few minutes.

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·         Quickly wrap him in a towel and bring him out. Pat dry well before you begin to dress him up. Any remnant moisture on the skin can cause irritations.


·         It is important not to leave your baby alone or with an older child in the water under any circumstance. 

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